New EA flash site with eastern theme: Kah Ra Shin

A new site by EA which has eastern feel and music. Has something to do with Burnout: Dominator. Feel free to catch what comes out of man's mouth while page loads.

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MK_Red4201d ago

Now thats one good WTF site.

Diselage4201d ago

Pretty much, not a lot can be said about but WTF.

MK_Red4201d ago

PS3's "This Is Living" Europe campaign meets its match.
(Maybe EA wants to release a new console in PAL regions with the help of people behind PS3's crazy short film makers)

MK_Red4200d ago

So, did anyone find what this site is really about. I know its Burnout related but why 3 months old Dominator? They should start advertising for Burnout Paradise soon. What is it with Kah Ra Shin? What does that mean? Anyone knows?

Diselage4200d ago

I'm still in the dark and i guess no one on here cares to find out either since it's about an older game, i'm betting though it has something to do with paradise. Like a transition between the two or something.