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Submitted by Sangria 2139d ago | news

Sony shows off 3D LittleBigPlanet

Sony has revealed a stereoscopic 3D version of hit PS3 game LittleBigPlanet .

A video demonstration was shown at MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios yesterday, along with a range of other developmental demos. Attendees enjoyed two playable samplers in the form of the magnificent Super Stardust HD and a 3D demo of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. (Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm:Pacific Rift, PS3, Super Stardust HD)

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sinncross  +   2139d ago
LittleBigPlanet with the motion controls and 3D would be insanely cool!
Bereaver  +   2139d ago
Well, this maybe a little bit off topic, but.... as sinncross was saying, can you imagine 1:1 motion control with the wand like a pen. You could draw anything. That would be nice.
Raf1k1  +   2139d ago
Yeh I was just thinking about this yesterday after watching Avatar in 3D
hay  +   2139d ago
LBP in 3D? Pure win.
sikbeta  +   2139d ago
LBP + 3D = Pure Win, motion control is just a plus...
darthv72  +   2139d ago
This game and a few others could do nicely in 3D...
It is a simple platform style game that would benefit from the 3D aspect. Another would be Rag Doll Kung Fu. Again, a side angle type of game. Super stardust is top down and will look good in 3D. Where 3D may pose an issue is first person and games with really fast things going on the screen.

3D is best on semi flat objects to give them depth. I have seen a first person POV in 3D and while it seems impressive, there is lots of tearing to images in the effect. Something that is essentially 2D by design (side scroll, isometric, top down) looks better with 3D than something in 1st or 3rd person.

It is just my experience so don't hold it against me. I like the idea of sony pushing for 3D. It will cause the tv mfgs to compete and lower costs.
ReservoirDog316  +   2139d ago
Ok, I'm not sure if I'm well known enough around here but I'm usually 100% against 3D. I usually hate it. But this, I gotta admit, actually sounds very cool. It's kinda an inobtrusive 3D. Plus I just love LittleBigPlanet.

Same thing kinda happened to me with the "wand." I initially didn't like it much (I'm still sceptical about it) but when I saw it used in LittleBigPlanet, I had to say that it looked really cool. Maybe I just have a softspot for LittleBigPlanet.

Gotta love MM.
FragGen  +   2139d ago
LBP is insanely cool under ALL circumstances. I (heart) that game big time.
SixTwoTwo  +   2139d ago
I NEED to see MPR in 3D. Loved that game.
El_Colombiano  +   2139d ago
PR in 3D is win.
Redempteur  +   2139d ago
"Stereoscopic 3D puts an end to that, ensuring each of the parallax elements occupies its own distinct area within the 3D space"

wow that is a very good argument ..

that is if you are really sick of being on the wrong plane
Admiral_Benson  +   2139d ago
Sony really seem to making a push with the 3D stuff of late!

Love LBP and i think it would be a perfect game to showcase 3D tech, alot of possibilities!

LBP, 3D and motion control! Sounds like an awesome combination!
ape007  +   2139d ago
3D gonna be

Imagine playing dead space in 3D alone in the dark ???

heart attack
ia_studio  +   2139d ago
ive had
with a iz3d monitor on a pc, it's beautiful you havent gamed if you havent gamed in 3d the immersion is doubled or tripled.
ActionBastard  +   2139d ago
I really hope they are able to patch older games. I'd like to play MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles and Dead Space in 3D.
Danteh  +   2139d ago
I'm all for Sony innovating and have allways said that 3D gaming is the future but.... for gods sake slow down a little! Do you think I'm gonna dump my 40' Sony Bravia which is 1 year old to buy a new 3D TV? I, and I'm sure many other ppl, simply can't afford this, so wait a few years and you got a win right there!

PS: About LBP, the water pack is absolutely AWESOME and has made me and many other creators interested in lbp again... I'm gonna publish a level in a few days that will blow you away :P
PSN: Snakeowns
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hoops  +   2139d ago
3d gaming wont take off for a few years based on its cost to implenemt it. Cnet has a good answer and question article just about this.
3D gaming is the future IMO and many others however the cost right now will keep it niche.
divideby0  +   2139d ago
as with ALL electronics..early adopters pay more to be just that early adopters....look at HDTVs if you need to be reassured
I will be in early for sure
Gamer7l  +   2139d ago
My brain hurts...
...trying to imagine a 2.5-D game, in 3-D. 0_o
Dead_Cell  +   2139d ago
Screw LBP, Motorstorm in 3D?
Yes please.
morkendo  +   2139d ago
screw motorstorm in 3D GRAND TURISMO 5 IN 3D!!!!!
SnuggleBandit  +   2139d ago
they already have gt5 in 3d fyi
JJFNIGHTS80  +   2139d ago
Time for me to save up and to be a 3D-TV. IT WILL BE VERY COOL TO HAVE ALL GAMES IN 3D. Does anyone know what frame per second 3D-GAMING WOULD BE?
divideby0  +   2139d ago
3D is really the next generation of gaming....cant wait
remanutd55  +   2139d ago
say what????? The Worlds Most BRUTAL off road racer on 3D ??? man its gonna be awesome !!!! EVO we the fans want a WORLDWIDE FESTIVAL to be the next Motorstorm ( snow, desert , cities , water , island etc etc ) make it happen
chak_  +   2139d ago
isn't 3D supposed to be 60 frame per eye on 120htz monitors?

I mean ps3 games gets 30 to 60 fps, they'd have to double right?

No flame eh, just a question
hoops  +   2139d ago
Yes it couts the frame rates in half so games that will look good in 3D must have a frame rate of 60 or better. Anything less it will be a slide show. So games of high graphic fidelity like Uncharted, Killzone etc. won;t be seeing 3D on consoles anytime soon unless they increase the frame rates and gimp something.
jalen247  +   2139d ago
Talk about future proofing your console.

Sony has done a lot of things right this generation. Its unbelievable.

I was never this excited and happy with a console in all my gaming years.

I hope Microsoft and Nintendo take note and do things a lot different next gen.
hoops  +   2139d ago
You do know that the Wii and Xbox360 can support 3D gaming?
jalen247  +   2138d ago
Yes, I understand that the Wii and the 360 can do 3d. The NES had 3d. The type of 3d Sony is doing is more advanced which will offer better effects. Look up the technology.

I don't feel like typing all the details out. There is a Digital Foundry article with some information. But basically the 3d for example in Avatar on PS3/360 is sub hd but the 3d Sony is doing is based on the HDMI 1.4 tech. Sony's 3d for the PS3 is HD. The games Sony has displayed so far are 720p/60 FPS for each eye.

So you can basically think of Sony's 3d as 3d in HD while the 360 and wii can do 3d in SD

So its not just so simple to say "You do know that the Wii and Xbox360 can support 3D gaming?"
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awesomeperson  +   2139d ago
Sackboy! (in 3D)
FragGen  +   2139d ago
I'm stoked to have my first 3D glasses induced seizure!
Socomer 1979  +   2139d ago
Motorstorm pacific Rift?!?
That's the sickest shizz I ever heard!

My gaming schedule says tonight : I'm playing tekken &
motorstorm pr! I'm gonna get super high & then get super trophies!
I'll be thinking what if these games were 3D all night!

If you haven't got a ps3 yet... You will.
Ha ha ha!
I'm american but the Japanese are the best!
I wish Sony made a computer operating system & called it
bulletproof glass 8!

TehCell  +   2139d ago
Um, 3D tvs can make anyting 3d, amirite?
Parapraxis  +   2139d ago
no, you're not right.
Socomer 1979  +   2139d ago
Me too!
This is gonna be almost as good as the movie surrogates with bruce Willis.
I think fps will rock. Tps will rock! Racing will rock!
Everygame will rock in 3D!

Strap me up with a playstation & cut off my eyelids!
This is gaming nirvana. Can't wait for the motion controller Too!
I have great plans in the near future. Thanks Sony I Love You!

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