Stop Shutting Down The Servers!

James Joell-Ireland from writes "When you buy a car, you don't expect several years down the line to be told that the break peddle will be taken away from the car and that your left with having to uses the soles of your shoes to stop it. No, thought not. You don't expect to buy digital satellite to find several years later it no longer has high definition channels. So why then should we accept that if a videogame you buy depending on its online success rate, its servers will shutdown because the game house wanted to save money? It appears some of you do. If you happen to be one of them, then you are quintessentially mad."

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3170d ago

digital distribution is ultimately a poor value for the consumer.

Once we go all digital the publishers will have all software 'check in' to validate your licence...when they shut down the validation server you're screwed.

I still have my Atari 2600 cartridges and no one can stop me from playing them.

anh_duong3170d ago

shutting down servers sucks but apparently there was no one playing calling all cars online so it was a no brainer to shut down a service that no one was using..

"there are [were] currently zero games being played and zero players online."


nogolis3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

That's really not the point... The point is why focus on multiplayer if this is the end ressult? We buy a game. We are entitled to play that game whenever we want and as many times as we want. We bought it, man. Having to wait for someone else to come on line and play is stupid.

It's like me buying a car but not being able to drive it until every seat is filled with a passenger. Why can't I go to the store and get some shopping done? Oh, you have to wait until you have passengers for that.

See how absurd that sounds? That's the same principal as online gaming.

ME- Why can't I play this game I just bought?

Them- Oh, well, it's simple... you buying the game is only the 1st step, man. Now you have to make sure other people bought the same game, but more than just that they have to actually want to play it and not something else they've just bought. Then you have to play when they play. You're an idiot for not knowing that.

ME- but that doesn't make any sense. I bought the game so I could play it.

Them - no, you bought the game in hopes that you could play it. What's wrong with you man? Get a clue. I bet you suck at online games and get called a noob. you're so clueless.

ME- I suck at online games cos' I don't meet the criteria to actually ever play them.

Basically, Buy this game, because no one plays that game. Play at this time, because no one plays at that time. Play often cos just when you get settled in something new comes along and you have to migrate to a different game because everyone else did.

F*CK online gaming!

JOLLY13170d ago

I can't believe this person is trying to be a journalist. Break peddle? Try brake pedal. Also, I wonder if this guy knows where the comma key is on his keyboard?

Cajun Chicken3170d ago

Wow, Nogolis, can't agree more. Good to see you around again you ghost of a former user.

anh_duong3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

well even in this instance peer to peer wouldn't necessarily work because if there is no one playing online then who the hell are you going to play with?? and if activision can't even be bothered to have dedicated servers for mw2 then i think it is unfair to expect a low budget a game as calling all cars to keep their dedicated servers running..

the stats were showing that nobody was playing the game online. and even if there was a handful of other people playing online it still wouldn't necessarily work because you have to find people whose network connections were compatible with yours.

finally, the game offers offline multitplayer so it was still perfectly playable. in fact you could say calling a cars was a game designed for offline play because it had four (max) player splitscreen offline play..

so to clarify, i don't support shutting servers but if no one is playing online then the online component is pretty much redundant.. it is completely uneconomical and unfeasible to keep servers running for the unlikely eventuality that more than one person might come online.

now ea shutting servers for madden 09 now that is unreasonable because madden 09 still has loads of online players..


ironic that the author complains about shutting down servers for a 3 year game that nobody plays online but doesn't complain about shutting down servers for a whole slew of pretty decent newish (1yr old) games that lots and lots of people still play..

i suggest doing some better research next time

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nogolis3170d ago

How many times have I talked about this very topic... But hey, gamers don't matter in the end so when they go the way of online validation and being chained to their servers and other people who may or may not have bought the game for me to play too... I'm done.

Think about this, guys. Step by step for you simple minded "not the god-like rockband of the 80's either" people.

I buy a game.
I go home to play it.
In order for me to experiene the game I just spent money on you all have to have bought it too.

Does that make sense? Were you there at the register with me? Did you give me some money towards the game? Nope... and nore did I for you. Yet, in order to play it we have to all participate and when we don't or move on to something else the developers shut down the server so no one can play it.

That sounds like true hardcore gaming, man. What an experience.

in order for me to play a game I just bought you have to have bought it and, to top it off, not be playing any other game but that one.

God the future looks bright.

JaggedSac3170d ago

If gas runs out, our cars cannot run. If you run out of money, you cannot get gas and run the car you already paid money for.

If electricity goes out, so does our TVs, air conditioning, video games, etc. We pay for all those things.

mushroomwig3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Why should the companies continue paying to keep the servers online for titles that barely get any players?