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SilentDark from takes a look at God of War 3's "little brother" Dante's Inferno, where brimstone fire and hell meet massive dirty scythe.

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captain-obvious3191d ago

lol @ PPL saying that this is better than GOW3

fingersports3191d ago

I'm not sure it can be directly compared to GOW3, it is after all multi platform. They do come out the same "factory" though

Troll_Police3191d ago

When will they learn that multi platform games CANNOT compete with PS3 exclusives? They should have learned this when they tried to put Prototype over Infamous.

mrmikew20183190d ago

What kind of review is this, he said nothing about the game. Is this for real?

Dipso3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

A review of what? The demo? N4g approval system does it again. Oh sorry its a "preview review"..pathetic.

Croash3177d ago

So...When does this get deleted?