Battlefield Bad Company 2 Gets M Rating

Seen in the US EA Store, "Battlefield Bad Company 2" have received a mature rating from ESRB, stating that it contains violence, blood, and strong language.

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Pandamobile2832d ago

We've known this for ages.

Saaking2831d ago

M rated games seem to sell the most even though over 50% of the people who play them shouldn't be playing it in the first place. I think that a lot of devs push for an M rating just becuase playing an M rated game is "cool" amongst the younger teens. They see E and T rated games as childish which imo is wrong.

A good example is Halo. I don't recall much blood, language, or anything really bad. The story is simple and not something kids can't see. To this day, I still don't understand why it's rated M.

-Alpha2831d ago

Halo doesn't feel mature, but it still requires a recommended age of 17+

And since this isn't really important news I want to say that BFBC2 is going to tear a hole in MW2 and stomp it dry. This game is going to be the ultimate God-sent gift to all those COD players who have been shafted by IW's pathetic embrace of the casual market.

MiloGarret2831d ago

what yo didn't know is that it didn't just get a single M. It got several...

Mmmmmmmmm great game.

evrfighter2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

still havn't bought mw2...Though I play zero gear demo a lot

There was no way I could stop my younger brother from buying it on his 360 so I told him if he didn't buy it used he wasn't getting anymore games from me.

gamestop is $55 richer :)

will be pre-ordering the limited edition once it hits steam.

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Obama2832d ago

Well the beta didn't seem violent at all to me..I don't see heads blown off or limbs flying everywhere.

SprSynJn2831d ago

It's possibly because they overuse the "strong language" that is present. They did in the beta at least.

Anti-Fanboyer2831d ago

If that means limbs flying off.

ScoobyDrew2831d ago

ya but the second you hear some random guy scream "trash the f*****!!!" you know it'll be m haha

BaSeBaLlKiD7212832d ago

Most likely it was because of the blood. BC1 was rated T and didn't have blood at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.