Modern Warfare 2 - Patch 1.0.177, care package exploits, texture and XP hacks fixed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been patched to 1.0.177.

Release notes:
# Care Package, Emergency Airdrop, and Sentry Gun marker grenades sprint speed normalized
# Sentry Guns: Improved placement detection, preventing cases of Sentry Guns inside geometry
# Model 1887: Bling using Akimbo and FMJ combination now has same range and damage as non-Bling Model 1887s
# Improved player collision removing cases of getting into geometry and 'elevators'
# Mouse latency tweaks for more mouse movement consistency
# Fixes to prevent various texture and XP hacks

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Sm0k3y_Bac0n3019d ago

This patch just for PC, or are they fixing the models (again) on consoles too?

Government Cheese3019d ago

Probably won't be patched for another 2 weeks because of certification.

poindat3019d ago

...Too bad this patch should be unnecessary in the first place. Response be damned, each patch only certifies the broken mess that Infinity Ward has made.

lord_of_balrogs3019d ago

"# Model 1887: Bling using Akimbo and FMJ combination now has same range and damage as non-Bling Model 1887s
This is so dumb, whats the point of equipping fmj if u dont get more damage. I tried the duel 1887s and the dual rangers now shoot farther, has more damage, and can fire 4 shots compared to the 1887s 2. They could atleast update the weapon stats as its showing the 1887s on the screen with double the range of the rangers. The stupid small minority had to complain about the 1887s. Any decent player knows how to defeat it.

MiloGarret3019d ago

Any decent player doesn't use them. So stop whining that you can't one-shot people from a mile away anymore.


@ Milo Garret

they should just take the whole akimbo out and be done with it.

as the other guy pointed out, now the rangers are more powerful and all the noobs will just be running around with them.

there is not much point having them in the game if they are going to be so gimped they are useless all together.

true any good player had no need to use them and that still stands. but it was still fun seeing noobs run around with them and then picking them up and owning them with their own weapon then listening them cry about you owning with them.

anyway, it's not a problem now, everyone has taken up running around with commando which i think is even worse.

Lich1203018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


I don't know anyone who doesn't think those weapons are lame and OP (at least since before the patch). Also, not only does running around dual wielding those not make any sense whatsoever, but why should a freaking shotgun from 1887 be better than the modern ones? (specifically the AA-12 because a ton of research and design went into making it)

And yes, you can kill people using them. But look at before the patch, everyone was using them. That's a clear indication that something was a bit, well, lame.

Edit: I know not everyone was using them, but a large portion of people were.

tehReaper3018d ago

Akimbo 87s are just straight up garbage. I can understand if you use it sparingly, but if you start the game using it, you shouldn't still be using it by the end.

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NateCole3019d ago

MWF2 is a true testament of how stupid mass gamers are nowdays.

neonlight453019d ago

that now I have to disagree with, just cause someone isn't praising Killzone 2 over MW2 or any PS3 exclusive for that matter doesn't mean they can't enjoy they play style they like.

Anorexorcist3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

MW2 is a really fun game and it's massive success is proof of the longevity the game has (I am obviously referring only to the online portion of the game.)

The exploits and glitches that have been witnessed since launch have shown some degree of carelessness on Infinity Ward's part, but hey the game continues to improve.

It is a great game...when everyone is playing straight, but when they aren't, hey I got Killzone 2 right at my fingertips!

vickers5003019d ago

Your comment is a testament to how stupid people as a whole have gotten.

Blah blah, you hate MW2. We all know. I would bet that at least 90% of this site hates it as well. No one gives a sh*t about your worthless opinion though. The reason I keep playing the game, is because I very very rarely run into glitchers, and when I do, it's not that bad to me. It doesn't make me want to leave the match in a childish anger pouting my way back to the main menu like a little b****.

madjedi3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

@2.3 A puncuation error and a semi-rude statement not targeted at anyone in particular, while alot less rude than yours, but didn't see anything stupid with his post.

Now your statement, about no one gives a sh^t about his worthless opinion, thats funny i could have easily said the same about your opinion, do you ever wonder why you only have 1 bubble.

You know all you needed to post was despite the glitches/glitcher you still enjoy the game, and not start with personal attacks, it only makes you look like a jackass.

So are the people getting frustrated and quitting to the main menu children pouting or are they b^tches, thats 2 entirely different definitions? So i guess your the type of guy likes to trash talk the people he beats at games, and likes to pwn the noobs hard to.

Judging by your post i guess your an annoying alpha male type, but i could be mistaken, it's unfortunate that you cannot post again to either confirm or refute that.

Guido3019d ago

In some cases this is true. Heck, look at all the folks that bought Halo 3...

evrfighter3018d ago

"MWF2 is a true testament of how stupid mass gamers are nowdays. "

totally agree, some people really believe Gran Turismo is a driving simulator lol.

Guido3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Even the developers think so! But at least the sales of Gran Turismo are not a testament of how stupid mass gamers are nowdays since we all know it is in fact, a great game.

evrfighter3018d ago

just goes to show the power of mind over matter.

it's even more hilarious that the devs believe it.

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BigKev453019d ago

We need a new patch for the 360!

Ausknight3019d ago

The Xbox 360 version of the game has some severe limitations and shortcomings which are slowly but surely breaking the gameplay and turning away even the most hardened gamers from this title.

* Akimbo Shotguns (of any sort) need to be nerfed.
* Knifing needs to be toned down
* 203/Nade spam needs to be nerfed.

Why? Because these three tactical options are being used more than conventional weaponry to play the game. It's fkn MODERN WARFARE and annoying as HELL to have some idiot Marathon/Lightweight around the map with these weapons scoring top kills over and over and over.

* Live hosting outside the US needs to be fixed. Lag for anyone not in the US is bad and the server stability is utter crap.
* Running without a perk is silly. What, a fully trained modern combat soldier can't run 20 feet without running out of breath?!
* Kill stealing SUCKS! You shoot someone first and they drop into Final Stand mode - someone else finishes them off and YOU get the assist?! LAME!
* The Kill Steaks need refinement and adjustment. The gameplay is promoting selfish/camping styles with no consideration to tactical objectives or team based work.

With Bad Company 2 nearly here, Infinity doesn't have much time to fix these glaring faults before people flock to a new banner.

MW2 is a really polished late generation FPS, but the competition is almost here and like many, once Bad Company 2 hits the scene I think it's going to make the gameplay issues with MW2 stand out like a sore thumb...

MiloGarret3019d ago

Wow, that was a great comment. Bubbles to you.

blahblah1233019d ago

Infinity Ward loves campers. The game is designed around hiding spots.

I wouldn't nerf the tac knife commando, lightweight package. It is a good loadout to swap to when there is a house full of campers. You can run in there and clean house.

What I don't like is when there are two Harriers and a Chopper Gunner or Pave Low out at once. By that point, the nuke isn't far behind.

koouunn3019d ago

when r we going to see this for the consels, probably never cause IW is garbage at supporting the community

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