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Joystiq Hands-on: This is God of War III

Joystiq writes:

"I summed up the E3 demo of God of War III with this opener: "God of War, in HD." That's not a "bad" thing per se, but for a franchise that's been known for pushing the graphical envelope, it simply wasn't enough. Thankfully, my concerns were obliterated last month when I got to play the latest build of the game. It only took a minute or so before I was able to say "this is God of War III -- and what it was always meant to be." (God of War 3, PS3)

Time Lord  +   2215d ago
'There were some unexpected consequences from my short time with the demo. Dante's Inferno, which was demoed at the same event, didn't look uninter...
'nuff said!
TheHater  +   2215d ago
Is probable kicking themselves for even releasing this game within the same time frame of God of War 3.
FangBlade  +   2215d ago
GOW 3 is truly something.
Just few screens and N4G almost exploded.
GOTY 2010 confirmed.
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raztad  +   2215d ago
"Dante's Inferno, which was demoed at the same event, didn't look uninteresting -- it looked downright "last gen," resembling God of War Collection more than Kratos' upcoming adventure."

You dont need to be very smart to guess exactly that. DI is copying GoW1&2, it will resemble GoW1&2.

As expected all the naysayer (may I put Joystick among them?) are being proved wrong yet again. "GoW3 is teh GoWz HD" They said.

You got to be retarded if you think Sony is gonna mess with one of their biggest franchises, and even more to doubt Santa Monica (considering its awesome previous achievements).
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Zeal0t  +   2215d ago
You know there wasn't a single doubt about GOW3 being a graphical monster (at least for me) but DI could probably be a very good and entertaining game too. Anyway, i already pre-ordered the GOW3 Ultimate Edition and the DI Death Edition.

Can't wait for GOW3!!
gaffyh  +   2215d ago
captain-obvious  +   2215d ago
we all knew that gow3 well be epic

and to those that talk about DI
i do think that the game do copy GOW
but it still looks like a good game
so im getting both
DI probably a rental or used but GOW3 is on top of my list

totally agree
and i really cant wait to see what Santa Monica well do after this game
what do you think ?
well it be another epic hack and slash ?
I just hope that they don’t make another FPS there is already a lot on the market
morganfell  +   2215d ago
End of the road for those ridiculous PS3 hating comments that thought Dante's Inferno looks as good as God of War III.
SnuggleBandit  +   2215d ago

no its gow-ned
MURKERR  +   2215d ago
anyone noticed the 360 naysayers who were touting dantes inferno
are nowhere to be seen?
cmrbe  +   2215d ago
DI is looks
great to play. It really just the x360 fans that are jelous of PS3 fans for getting both that are trying to pit DI against GOW3. Thats what they did with prototype and Infamous as well as Byonetta even though anyone with a brain knows that Byonetta is competing more with DMC.

In the end the fact is both games are on the PS3 and exclusives is always the quality one.

As for GOW3 quality. This is Sony not MS. MS don't care about quality. They only care about spending and doing the least while getting the most money. They don't have pride in their products like Sony. As i said a billionth time. Doubt SM and Sony at your own peril.

GOW3 will set a new benchmark in H&S action games as well as gaming in general.
thereapersson  +   2215d ago
Yeah, it's getting really sad. These fanboys can't even provide a proper argument anymore; instead, they sit by in the shadows, slamming the disagree button and stealing bubbles with their multiple accounts. There is really just an air of desperation lately amongst that group of people, and they don't even try to hide it anymore.

OT: What we've been waiting for in this game all generation is slowly coming to fruition. I think I'll pick up Darksiders in the mean time, to satisfy my action urge because that game appears to be receiving good reviews across the board.
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cmrbe  +   2215d ago
Get darksiders. Highly recomended.
thereapersson  +   2215d ago
Yeah, the game looks really fun. I really wish they'd bring that limited edition PS3 over here to the states!

Here's hoping that a GoW III limited edition PS3 is in the works!
Arnon  +   2215d ago
There's something about the graphics of God of War 3 that just pisses me off, and at the same time makes me stand in awe. The thing as a whole is absolutely gorgeous, but when you actually look at the picture, there's textures in there that just put a "what the eff?" on my face. Kratos' character model is top notch, and at times, the environment is gorgeous, but there's just something about some of the pictures, where some textures look amazing, but then they blend them with textures that look downright ugly.

(everything in this looks amazing, until your eyes travel to the bottom left corner, and you just kinda get a "O_o" face from it. I'm sure it'll blow me away when it's in motion, though.)

Anyways, I'm just nitpicking, as the game runs at native 1080p @ 60 FPS, so that easily makes up for it.

Just got back from paying off the Ultimate Edition. The Gods will cry in March.
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FragGen  +   2215d ago
I have DI and GOW3 both pre-ordered up. The DI demo had bad ass GFX and the gameplay was GoW rip-off in a really good way.... and the art style is massively dark and Gothic which I dug big time. If GoW3 can shame it, it must be off the hook completely, which is also a good thing. :) There's definitely room on my shelf for both of these titles. I'm going to rock both of these games hard. And DI will "warm me up for GoW3" :)
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rroded  +   2215d ago
Kratos is back.
"from my short time with the demo. Dante's Inferno, which was demoed at the same event, didn't look uninteresting -- it looked downright "last gen," resembling God of War Collection more than Kratos' upcoming adventure"
Guido  +   2214d ago
Looks like we need...
Some clean-up in isle BOOM!
tientch1  +   2215d ago
Bring it
jalen247  +   2215d ago
PS3 exclusive makes other next gen games look last gen. LMAO!

When I said on here that GOW II on the Collections disc looks better than DI, people acted like they didn't comprehend what I was saying.

I own GOW Collections and I played the DI demo and I was shocked that GOW II on the collections disc looked better.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   2215d ago
Yeah I wasn't too impressed with Dante's Inferno myself. I do own the GOW collection and I'm glad I bought it. Though I do think saying the GOW collection looking better than Dante's Inferno is a bit too much.
Fatal Blow  +   2215d ago
GOTY 2010

there will be no games like this for a very long while unless there is something up sony sleeves boy cant wait for another 2 months to get my hands on this game

after playing e3 demo was like wow its like the greek mythology movies and your in there a great experience
sikbeta  +   2215d ago
PS3 Games Pushing The Boundaries As Usual

GOW3 will be The EPIC Game of 2010
aaronisbla  +   2215d ago
Even with the vastly improved visuals that just about every website is talking about from this small demo, we are still gonna get some haters.

" I was more impressed with the Dante's Inferno visuals"-- i can't wait to hear responses like this so i can point and laugh at at their attempts to downplay the game
morganfell  +   2215d ago
And with a single remark they will discredit themselves. Joystiq is run by a former MS employee and still MS cheerleader. When they freely stand in awe of games like Uncharted 2 and God of War III then you know the truth can't be dodged.
spunnups  +   2215d ago
I have a hard time comprehending why anyone would expect anything less from SCEA Santa Monica. This is God of War, This is Kratos, This is the most Epic, Adrenaline Pumping Franchise on any console.

How many times does Sony's First Party studios have to "Wow Us" before people start realizing that these are the best collection of studios one Earth? Anyone who doubts these franchises must have just started gaming last year.
gameraxis  +   2215d ago
some people just dont get it
not you guys of course, but GOW3 WILL PWN EVERYTHING... its not even subject to criticisms and objective speech, because NO GAME does it better. No game looks as good (at the time of respective releases) NO GAME gets the players blood boiling as much as GOW does, NO GAME has the total package, story, characters, dialogue, voice acting, graphics, gameplay, gore, action, artwork, setting, EVERYTHING...

god of war is really the ONLY series that gives me chills up my spine when i hear the throaty KRATOS curse the gods.. and i hope we see a more personal side to his torture as well, giving good motive for the CHAOS he will unleash on Mt Olympus!

can i get a hell yea?
Perkel  +   2215d ago
Gowned ;)

"Dante's Inferno, which was demoed at the same event, didn't look uninteresting -- it looked downright "last gen," resembling God of War Collection more than Kratos' upcoming adventure"


still i consider dante must buy :) Juzt like those type of games :)
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MURKERR  +   2215d ago
nope not for me im rolling with the daddy of em all
in its true 'next gen loveliness' ill do without the lastgen looking copycats
thereapersson  +   2215d ago
LMAO! Bubble up for that

Haven't seen a good "owned" variant since "Killzowned"... :)
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2215d ago
The screens don't really look impressive at all, why is the grass 2D? the textures look like a giant mess on the moving mountain and the water effects on that water monster looks last gen and the red flames coming from Kratos's blades look so messed up.

I was hoping to see something mind blowing but instead we get screens of a newer build that still resembles the old build,

Oh well... it looks like it's only going to be GT5 for me this year.


#10 (Edited 2215d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Killjoy3000  +   2215d ago
I cannot even begin to describe your comment...
gameraxis  +   2215d ago
You my friend...
are in denial

"FLOP CONFIRMED" - how can you possibly think that?
MURKERR  +   2215d ago
360 fanboys are unusually quiet..
the dantes inferno line must have really choked em
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2215d ago
Looks like a crappy 360 game in HD.

Oh well....

MURKERR  +   2215d ago
come on dude is that the best you got? lol its got to the point where not even you fanboys believe your own comments thats when you know theres nothin left
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heroprotagonist  +   2215d ago
I'll speak up, since you are egging us on.

God of War 3 looks better than Dante's Inferno, no question there. Dante's Inferno by no means looks bad, but I was expecting more given how good they made Dead Space look.

God of War 3 looks really great, but those of you implying that it is unrivaled are simply letting your fanaticism for God of War cloud your judgment. From a technical perspective there are games on both consoles that look just as good or better.

By the way, Ultimate_Revenge is a die hard PS3 fanboy, so don't lump him in with us.
wages of sin  +   2215d ago
what's your issue?
I swear it's people like Murk that give PS3 owners a bad name. Grow up already.
Sigh  +   2215d ago
@wages of sin
yeah Joystiq used to have 3 seperate sites for the 3 current-gen platforms. There was the wiifanboy site, 360fanboy site and ps3fanboy site. I'm guessing they just changed the whole structure of their site cause the names didn't seem appropriate or professional looking anymore lol.
Gago  +   2215d ago
DI runs at 60 fps locked

GOW3 is all over the place ( 15 fps - 45 fps)
captain-obvious  +   2215d ago
what ??

oh wait wait
*clicks Ignore*

here we go
much better now
bjornbear  +   2215d ago

Locked at 30 fps

to me, 30 fps and 60 fps doesn't mean anything if it means the graphics being ABSOLUTELY superior.

However, some (say, you) would prefer frame rates because...well, you don't have a choice do you ;)
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   2215d ago
"DI runs at 60 fps locked
GOW3 is all over the place ( 15 fps - 45 fps)"

GoW3 looks insane and plays insane.
DI looks looks like a mess all over the place and plays like last gen.
dead_eye  +   2215d ago
remember this from 06
"The next generation doesn't start until we say it does," said Hirai.
heroprotagonist  +   2215d ago
Yeah, I do remember that. It was an arrogant comment, wasn't it.

I hate to even comment in PS3 articles unless I am saying something positive, but you guys are going too far with this. The game looks great and is going to be an epic experience, but I honestly cannot believe that some of you think that there is anything about this that couldn't be done on the 360.
wages of sin  +   2215d ago
Yeah I remember that comment....
That's why I didn't buy a PS3 until last year. Had I listened to that, I would've missed out on some awesome next gen gaming. I'm totally down with God of War 3, I can't wait, but to simply dismiss everything else is childish at best.

OT: The H & S genre has been getting some serious love lately and I'm loving it. First with Bayonetta then Dante's in a few weeks and finally God of War3...seriously, who can complain? For me personally, I preferred Bayonetta's gameplay and I'm more into/interested in Dante's due to the subject matter and the art style but anyone dissing GOW3 is smoking rocks. To the 360 only guys: be a gamer, not a hater. The PS3 has some great freaking games out that your missing and are going to miss. Don't let you preference for one keep you away from the other. Let the PS3 guys have their day in the sun, it's all good.

Now, this whole "only Sony cares about quality blah, blah, blah" grow up. Bottom line is it's a great time to be a gamer. We have three companies that are constantly outdoing themselves and each other and it's all to our benefit. Make no mistake, MS makes quality games and cares about quality. Stop being such a fanboy, only fanboys say stupid stuff like that. At the end of the day they all want your money and whoever can provide me with fun, memorable experiences gets my money. GOW3 will be one of those games.
wages of sin  +   2215d ago
Yeah I agree but your comment will be downvoted, you might lose some bubbles and worst of all it'll fall on deaf ears.
Obama  +   2215d ago
"but I honestly cannot believe that some of you think that there is anything about this that couldn't be done on the 360."

Well may be we will believe what you say when the 360 has a game that matches the graphic of Uncharted 2. Fair enough?
Dev8 ing  +   2215d ago
Sounds Great. Will pick this up for sure. The other three titles were excellent. I am more interested in the zipper technology, where the demons gut spill out.
bunfighterii  +   2215d ago

'but I honestly cannot believe that some of you think that there is anything about this that couldn't be done on the 360.'

To use the N4G post cliche, as an owner of both consoles, I'm yet to see anything on 360 look this good graphically.

I gotta say, even though GOWIII, or any other big note exclusive for that matter, might be capably done on the 360- it hasn't been yet. It's been over 4 years since the 360 came out and there's not a game on the shelf that compares to any of PS3's crowning technical achievements so far.

Regardless of whether or not it could be done on 360, it only makes a difference when it is done on 360. Halo: Reach might do it, Alan Wake might do it, but nothing yet, has done it. I've not heard of one person look at a exclusive, 360 AAA title and say 'now that looks better than anything on PS3.'
wages of sin  +   2215d ago
Andrew Yoon was manager of the PS3 fanboy site?
"After a fairly lengthy stint as a Community Manager, maintaining websites for Konami, Square, Namco, and others, I became absorbed by the Joystiq crew, and work blog full-time. I was the lead of the PlayStation Fanboy sites, and currently operate as the Joystiq Network East Coast Editor."
iceman06  +   2214d ago
Now THAT....
was purely sensible and non-fanboyish to boot. I agree that there are games that are on the horizon for the 360 that might come close or even surpass what the PS3 has achieved. But, there are also games in the PS3 pipeline that are poised to do the very same. All in all, this whole "console war" just drives the devs to "one up" each other...which creates great, high-quality titles. Without competition, the industry would stagnate and devolve to the completely average!
Sigh  +   2215d ago
love Joystiq's title of their preview, instead of Sparta it's God of War 3. Oh man alot of info incoming! Me so HAPPY!!!

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