First video of 360's new heatsink

This is the newly discovered heatsink that Microsoft has been putting into Xbox 360. The heatsink was installed by Microsoft themself. This is not a custom mod.

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Imknow13808d ago

Shouldn't they've done this from the beginning?

Xeoset3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Unless they had a psychic that could see the state of the X-Clamp 1.5 years into the future, then no.

Still, better late than never.

Diselage3808d ago

At least they're doing something.

DrRage773808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

i think that the new heatsinks, and when they finally go to 65nm chipsets, the 360 will have much better reliability. i own a 360 (original launch console December 18,2005) and have not had any rings of death or anything, but it is obvious that the failure rate is higher on the 360 than any other console. anything they can do to improve cooling and reduce heat will help.

hopefully the heatnsink and new 65nm chips are in the consoles when i upgrade to the elite in the fall

HateBoy3808d ago

Already sounds like an airplane in here, is the (hopefully) upgraded elite I'm gonna buy later on this years actually gonna sound more? If so, sucks... Allthough I read somewhere its the dvd-drive thats to blame for the noice. Anyone care to enlighten me?

drtysouf213807d ago

Put this in the elite and i will upgrade.