Diablo 3 Team Drastically Increased. Monk-Woman Promised.

The Monk is currently seeing lots of improvements by the Diablo 3 team at Blizzard, and the elusive female version of the monk will be shown before too long.

40 people used to work on Diablo 3. Now that number has increased... Significantly!

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kerriganss3200d ago

Weeeeeel.... if that number has increased... i wonder what the sc2 team is doing? :3

Awesome though, i wants nao.

Cogo3200d ago

I'm afraid it has little to do with the SC team, but the team... :(

ThanatosDMC3199d ago

Why does she have ginormous bewbs??? Beyond me how that works when the monks excel in martial arts and what not. Also, why do females always show thier stomach or legs or arms rather than being fully plated with armor? But they're still hard to kill on PvP? F-ing cheaters... meh. /end rant

Leord3200d ago

That's nice to hear. More people.

Cool that it's such a big increase!

Cogo3200d ago

It's not the size (of the team) that counts, but how you use it.

Well, that's what I keep telling my gf....

Fyzzu3200d ago

Wonder what the female version will look like? That piece of fanart look fairly reasonable, after all...

Maticus3200d ago

They said at BlizzCon that she was going to be bald at one point, but that idea was scrapped. Shame :P

EpicSheep3200d ago

the monk is SUCH a sick class, i'm glad they are working heavily on it, because its cool conceptually but they can make it WAY cooler than how it was so far at blizzcon, also i hope the chick version is sexy:)

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The story is too old to be commented.