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knifefight2885d ago

"2009: The Year Square Enix didn't win a single award."

umair_s512885d ago

Its good to see Borderlands getting some spotlight. Congrats to all the winners

2884d ago
Redempteur2884d ago

Muramasa is a rpg ?

Last time i checked it was a action game ( great game BTW )
Is ninja gaiden a rpg because you can upgrade your weapons ?

Ar tonelico 2 is a great game but should NOT be on this list ... it was a buggy game that also suffered bad translations in almost every way( skills , choices , names , places , songs , skits ) how does that make it best on any kind ?
Does they even play the shin megami tensei that got released this year ? apparently not .
Where is mana khémia 2 ?
No you choose the bug ridden game ( over the ones that got a proper treatment )

Congrats ..way to go !!

Tony P2884d ago

Yeah, I was thinking that too about Muramasa (and Borderlands). I don't begrudge any of the games their successes, but the terminology is pretty loose these days.

Anyway, I wouldn't sweat this site's choices. It's not like they're serious.

knifefight2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Both RPGFan and RPGamer classify Borderlands and Muramasa as RPGs as well. RPGFan also rated Ar Tonelico II above Mana Khemia II. Clearly the media is spinning out of control.

Redempteur2884d ago

no ar tonelico 2 is really a god game ..but it should not be on any best LIST because the localisation was "that" terrible .i used an undub version with 2 fixes and was able to enjoy this game ..a lot ..but it can't be the runner -up of best playstation rpg considering the others games released this year on PS2 .

if muramasa is an action rpg it's more action than rpg really ..
FFCC cristal bearers was a true action rpg !

Tony P2883d ago

@knife: It doesn't matter what they *tell* me is an RPG today.

I remember at least a decade when adding an XP mechanic and some loot wasn't grounds to call something a full-on RPG.

Then somehow it became acceptable to put action games alongside real RPGs and pretend they're the same. Like I said, nothing against those games. I enjoyed Borderlands. But the game is at it's core a shooter, not an RPG imo.

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shutupandplay2884d ago

Borderlands wasn`t exactly an incredibly deep RPG, but it was addicting as f*ck! Especially with 4 player co-op!

PotNoodle2884d ago

Dragon age on PC > *

Easily the best RPG in the last five years imo.

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