Really Old Games Vs New Ones

This is not news but rather a nice post showcasing how much graphics have improved since the days of NES. From Tennis to Top Spin 2, from Punch Out to Fight Night round 3.

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MK_Red3966d ago

1. The graphics evolution. Where is Darwin?
2. Thanks for helping on type. Original tip was article and I forgot to change it.

Diselage3966d ago

My bad with the type. It's a nice look at how far we've come in a decade and a half for computing power.

REbirth3966d ago

hehe...that is a cool one:P

MK_Red3966d ago

What if they remake the Punch Out with Fight Night round 3 graphics and engine? Fighting like maniacs while a full 3D Mario counts down for knockout. As a Wii game it would be nice...

Nicosia3966d ago

WHo ever though then that they would be so realistisch in the future. But still we moan its not realistisch enough.We are spoiled.

ITR3966d ago

It'll never be the same without old Iron Mike!
Now it's Mr. Dream forever....

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The story is too old to be commented.