First Look at Deadly Premontion

Chad Lakkis writes: "What do bloody red peace signs, country bumpkin limbo zombie with a tongue feeling fetish, rumor spreading whispers, a hydroplaning police car, and hemorrhaging trees have in common? They're all featured in the first look trailer for Ignition Entertainment's Deadly Premonition, a survival horror game due to hit US store shelves as an Xbox 360 exclusive on February 22nd, 2010."

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Wolfie3258d ago

Horrible trailer. I love survival horror games but this is a joke.

green3258d ago

i predict a metacritic score of 22.

Nostradavis3258d ago

Agreed. This is by far one of the corniest trailers I've ever seen. The bit with the women whispering in each others ears was just flat out bad.

THE MAX SPEED 213258d ago

the part where the female zombie puts her hands in that guy's mouth was HILARIOUS!!

Nostradavis3258d ago


The fact that she is doing the limbo and then puts her hand in his mouth is what made me laugh. I mean, how slow do you have to be to not be able to move from a zombie coming out you that is hunched over and walking backwards???

3258d ago
Nostradavis3258d ago


I will agree with you in that I'm sure PS3 fans aren't sitting there going "darn I wish we could play this too!!" lol

ReservoirDog3163258d ago

Really? Really?

Why even write that? What good would it do?

Pistolero3258d ago

This doesn't look good, but Too Pawned is an idiot...I guess he is nervous about the amazing 360 lineup this year.

Bungie3258d ago

i've seen that trailer back in 2007-2008

this is a very old vid

thereapersson3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Or maybe he was making a joke and you can't lighten up enough to see that?

edit @ below

Well since I don't track every user on this site or view every single comment ever made, I'm never sure of that.

Besides, there are a lot more immature people around here than just him...

sack_boi3258d ago

No, he's just an immature fanboy that hates on a box.

el zorro3258d ago

@ thereapersson

That isn't a joke, that is a stupid fanboy jab. It has no business in the gamer zone. If a 360 fanboy made a comment like that in a PS3 article he would be crucified. But go on defending it. We know where your allegiances lie and that is the only reason you are backing him.

Besides, to be funny jokes have to at least be partly based on truth. His comment had no truth to it.

Chris3993258d ago

But it's quirky and Japanese, so I will probably get this when it - inevitably - hit's the sun $20 mark.

I played Bullet Witch all the way to completion, if that gives you some idea of how low I can go :)

thereapersson3258d ago

You have no business pointing out someone's perceived bias with your history on this site...

SoX FireBlade3258d ago

lol looks like they made the game within 5 minutes

too bad this is a 360 exclusive

starchild3258d ago

After your comment 1.10 you have no business pointing out anybody's bias either, thereapersson. You are no better. Do you think because you have a higher bubble count it means you are any less of a fanboy?

As to the video, it looks crappy. Poor graphics and a really cheesy trailer.

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blind-reaper3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

It looks like a Wii game graphics look horrible for a 360 game, but the concept looks interesting. I expect 5 or 6s reviews with one or two 7 or 8s.

JokesOnYou3258d ago

Who are these guys, I mean do they really think this game is going to compete in a market that is packed with so many top-notch quality games?


Tony P3258d ago

Not a great trailer.

I don't mind the overall look of the visuals, but some of them look plain uninspired. Overall it looks like it could be an interesting game albeit poorly done.

pixelsword3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I have to look at the trailer... (BrB)


It looks like FMV for a game made on the Dreamcast

What the heck man, Don't even say this game and Alan Wake in the same sentence.

PlainOldGamer3257d ago

OMG LOL I just looked on Gamestops website and this game is only 20.00$!!! They sure don't seem very confident in this game >_> (btw this game looks like a terrible mash up of silent hill + resident evil 4)

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GUNS N SWORDS3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )
i see someone's trying hard to ride on Alan wake's publicity.

alan wake, e3 trailer.

Nostradavis3258d ago

Wake is just sliiiiiiiightly better :D

TOO PAWNED3258d ago

Gun X Sword is great anime btw

xaviertooth3258d ago

these are ps2 era left-overs ported to EXCLUSIVE to XBOX360.

MajestieBeast3258d ago

Lol that hand in the mouth just made me laugh.

Doc Sony3258d ago

they can't all be Mass Effects, but this seriously looks like it belongs on the Wii.

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