Project Needlemouse to focus on Sonic only, concept art released

Sega's confirmed that Project Needlemouse, the new 2D HD Sonic game, will be based on the speedy hedgehog alone. There will be no inclusion of new characters in the game, nor will there be any other playable characters for the game.

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fatstarr3256d ago

apparently according to vgchartz not counting the casual sonic games which wii owners have ate up.

Sonic Unleashed wii vs ps3 vs 360 Mind you its a crap game
wii 1.43m
ps3 0.54m
360 0.53m
-wii owners ate it up

sonic and the black knights = biggest fail sonic on wii
0.45m vs sonic the hedgehog(biggest hd sonic fail) 0.37-ps3 0.60-360

the most successful sonic that is not casual is secret rings which has sold 2.18m

why would sega neglect wii owners from the experience of a new potentially great sonic...