Shepard Gets His Own Mass Effect 2 Video

With all these Mass Effect 2 videos showing off the new characters in the game, isn't it about time Commander Shepard got his time in the spotlight? BioWare thought so. They unveiled a new video today starring the badassery that is The Shep. Short, sweet and to the point.

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moneybuyseverything3228d ago

Shep must be talking to other humans in this vid lol, most of the creatures he runs around with don't think very highly of humans and some would be offended or kill him with his insensitive descriptions.

el zorro3228d ago

Looks awesome. I've already got it pre-ordered.

WildArmed3228d ago

I think he is talking to us (it is a trailer after all)

But the gfx look amazing.
Shepard is easily one of the best protagonists introduced this gen.

moneybuyseverything3228d ago

It's a joke based on the ME universe lol

spartan112g3228d ago

the badassery. I want this game now.

monkey6023228d ago

Saw this on TV last night. I was all like "Whooo"!! :P
My mother thought the Shepard interview part was an actor dressed up

NinjaRican3228d ago

Can't wait for this game 10 more days!

Nihilism3228d ago

That video was great. but the hype in general is really ruining this game for me, a new video shoved down our throats each day, nothing in the games will ever suprise me because we've either seen screenshots, read about it or seen videos of it.

I'm glad Bioshock 2 has been untainted by the marketing machine ( at least no where near as much as this game ), but I hope it doesn't affect sales.

It's the sad truth though that hype sells more than quality