Final Fantasy XIII Voted 2nd Best Game of 2009 Dengeki has released the results of a readers poll in which people voted for what they thought was the best game of 2009. A list of the top 20 has been published on their website and Final Fantasy XIII has managed to secure second place.

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Ninji3254d ago

This must've been before they found out how much FF13 sucked.

evilmonkey5013254d ago

This must've been before they found out it's not releasing till 2010.For the rest of the world.

kingdavid3254d ago

says ninji, the guy who has stated hes never played an ff game before.

GrandDragon3253d ago

Ninji go starve yourself in a ditch

You hate every FF game

Ninji3253d ago

I never played a FF game before? I hate every FF game?

You xbots are getting more and more delusional as the days go by.

kingdavid3253d ago

You said it yourself before in a comment. Id go and find it if I could be bothered (which im obviously not). Frankly, your opinion means sht if you havent played an FF game before.

The only reason you hate ff13 is because its on the xbox. Give it a fkn rest.

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RememberThe3573254d ago

I hope that we can say the same when it comes out over here.

WildArmed3254d ago

Yeah I hope we after March we can say that FFXIII is a stronger GoTY contender.
can't wait march 9th!

evilmonkey5013254d ago

God of war 3 releases on Tuesday 16 March 2010.screw ff 12.5 Im waiting for ff14

WildArmed3254d ago

I wouldnt get my hopes up for FF14, FF13VS will probably treat you better.

And yes, I'll have to put down FFXIII when GoW3 comes out..
ofc, they'll both be waiting for me to get done with white knight chronicles, coz thats my no.1 to play atm.

3254d ago
gunnerforlife3254d ago

reviews are gone kill this game when it comes out in America an Europe, not everyone here is as biased towards ff as they are in Japan.

SprSynJn3254d ago

They could end up liking it as a whole, you never know. From what I have seen, the game still looks Japanese no matter how Western they try and make it. That is what persuaded me to reserve a copy.

gunnerforlife3253d ago

i hope your right cuz i really want this to b my first jrpg ever lol

blu_yu_away3254d ago

So much for all the of Japan hating the game. I will be interested in seeing what kind of reviews the rest of the world give the game though.

Baka-akaB3253d ago

So i keep telling them , but no the morons from here rather take the word of a dozen journalist and then decide that the world hated the game .

Again i'm not disputing that i game i've yet to play could indeed not be good or that great ... just that guess what ? "nameless blog A from the US of A" didnt enjoy the game and found it linear ? Well the japanese gaming population didnt care about his opinion ... and until the game is released outside of japan , it's just that an opinion , not the so called backlash people mentioned .

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The story is too old to be commented.