New 3D WoW Armory Displays Recent Activity, Stalkers Approve

Chad Lakkis writes: "Those who frolic in the World of Warcraft are likely familiar with the game's online armory site accessible at This has long served as a way to compare your in-game character with those around you as a form of e-peen measurement. Well, thanks to some snazzy new Blizzard programming, you can now do all of this in stunning 3D. So if a certain someone you enjoy stalking on Azeroth repeatedly shadowmelds every time you get within ten yards of them, hop on to the new armory and spin their toon around at your leisure."

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3228d ago
Nostradavis3228d ago

Not sure about everyone else, but I personally feel that if you name your toon something like "Uknowuwantme" or "Stalkme" you're pretty much asking for crazy people to bother you in game...

Sandwich Bender3228d ago

I don't think I want her at all!

Sandwich Bender3228d ago

Awww, I want to see the spam message! I need my dealy enlarged!