God of War III Cleared for Australian Release

God of War III, the third part in the highly popular action series, has been cleared for release in Australia. Initially, there were fears that the violent game would be banned in the country.

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Solans Scott2989d ago

The Aussies start this gaming year on a positive note.

offwhiteazn2989d ago

i just want the game. now.

jessupj2988d ago

I would of bet my life that my home country would have demanded this game to be censored before being released. This is great news!

A Cupcake for Gabe2988d ago

Other than some boobies and raging gore, GOW isn't that bad. It isn't offensive, or immature, real world realistic. Has very little profanity. It really is a living walk through Greek Mythology, which I honestly believe is a culture benefit.

Ps_alm3k2989d ago

Kratos you amazed me. You must have threaten them with that head pulling trick of yours..haha

WildArmed2989d ago

lol exactly I was thinking.
How many heads did he rip off, how many people were gutted to make this happen?

Godmars2902989d ago


Leon Thomas2989d ago

Australia did something right.

stonecold12989d ago

the same goes for aliens vs predator and heavy rain god of war if heavy rain get content deleted them im importing heavy rain

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The story is too old to be commented.