RPGamer: White Knight Chronicles International Preview

Back in 2006, Level 5 announced a new RPG by the name of White Knight Story. Since then, the name has changed to White Knight Chronicles and is due to release in the states this February as White Knight Chronicles: International Edition.

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Ninji3254d ago

Funny how they try to call White Knight Chronicles a mediocre title and then go on to say that it's against a top tier RPG like FF13 when FF13 is the real mediocre title (averaging about a 6/10 and being the worst game in the FF series seeing as how it's already being rated worse than FFX-2 which USED to be the worst game in the series). Not to mention WKC plays more like a RPG compared to the linear action game that FF13 is.

In this case I would say WKC is the top tier title and if their basically saying that WKC going up against FF13 is stupid (despite them being a month apart by the way) then I say a mediocre title like FF13 (based on import previews & reviews) is even more retarded for going up against God of War 3 in the same month.

You can debate all you want about it by saying the target audience isn't the same but you could say the same thing about WKC compared to FF13 as one will play like a RPG and the other will play like a action game. As far as WKC & FF13 goes, one game is targeted towards people who want to play a good RPG while the other is targeted to people who will buy anything with a brand name slapped across it.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

What I find funny is that they are saying that the game's "mediocre" just from playing it for a couple of hours. And what is worse, the international version has lots of improvements and on top of that what Sony's really pushing with this game is the online play which rpgamer cannot even play because the game's not out yet nor people to play with anyway. But the game's mediocre...

Just look at this review from the japanese version:

pippoppow3254d ago

More excited for WKC also. It will have towns, npc, etc. Also it will have an online component along with town building. FF 13 appears to be the more shallow of the 2.

Son_Lee3254d ago

Have you even played FFXIII for yourself? Most of, if not all the import reviews are from people who say whimsically ignorant things such as "story is just okay but I don't speak full Japanese."

Point there being wait till you play it in your native language, even if you already played the Japanese version. But I doubt you played it at all. Fanboyism and hate on almost everything I see about FFXIII, and you fuel a lot of that on these forums. Not saying you're wrong, hell I could play FFXIII and hate it, but it seems unlikely to me.

What happened to people making their own opinions anymore?

Pillage053253d ago

ill likely get this and FFXIII. between those two and GOW3, i should be a pretty happy gamer for a while.

meepmoopmeep3253d ago

and sites said Halo 3 was 10/10

makes sense why i'm still getting both WKC & FFXIII

ZOMG! i have my OWN opinion!

Optical_Matrix3253d ago

@Vgamer...that review holds little credibility now as the game has been patched a fair bit since then, and the multiplayer has evolved a lot. If it gets 8/10 there I expect 1Up to give it 9/10 when they review the international version

ThanatosDMC3253d ago

You know, it'll be really disappointing if the game is mediocre. I'd be pissed since i waited for a year or so all ready.

camachoreloaded88063253d ago

I could swear that Final Fantasy X and XII have outsold God of War I and II. Off of that I'd judge that God of War is stupid for going up against Final Fantasy XIII.


execution173253d ago

i'm getting this over FFXIII, i'd rather get a full game then a gimped one

gaffyh3253d ago

Just watched the latest video regarding this on PSBlog, and it looks amazing, like a truly next gen title in every way. Online quests stuff looks really cool, and I'll probably try and get this as soon as it comes out.

Shang-Long3253d ago

wkc-star ocean-ff13 thats the order i'll be playin in
wkc is the only one i'll pay full price 4

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blitz06233254d ago

meh, this game looks pretty epic to me, regardless of what these so-called rpg sites say. I'm still getting both this and FFXIII. if the advertising of this game was better I would probably be more hyped by this game than FFXIII. both are a must buy for me though.

happy_gilmore3254d ago

i trust level-5. has never let me down. this writer must be a sore-lore xbot. the ps3 is getting jRPG's now and the crapbox is dead.

chrisulloa3253d ago

This game looks alright, the graphics are definitely mediocre. Their final product is crap, the videos showing the WKC they promised were amazing.

Obama3254d ago

Does it have dual track?

Redempteur3253d ago

( RAGE ) Sadly no ...out of the 3 big rpgs coming early 2010 , the only one with dual track is star ocean international ..

Towers763254d ago

If it weren't for the fact that RPGamer covered some of the more obscure titles out there the site wouldn't be worth visiting what with the lousy writers they keep on staff. That said I do have some reservations about White Knight. From some of the import reviews I read it definitely lacked polish. I know Level 5 has a good track record and I was a fan of the Dark Cloud series as well as of Dragon Quest VIII but I was disappointed with Rogue Galaxy. Either way I'm going to rent it first to see if it hooks me before buying it.

As for FFXIII, it's the first FF game that I'm not at all excited about. Call me crazy but I'm more interested in ME2, White Knight and Alpha Protocol than FF13.

SaiyanFury3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I was also disappointed with Rogue Galaxy. I'm not a big fan of Level 5, but Dragon Quest VIII rocked. I hated that RG had no magic and as far as I could tell the only way of healing were expensive potions. Every new planet seemed the same; arrive, level a lot, buy many potions to heal with, and eventually encounter the boss. This is a personal interpretation of course, but I didn't care for it past 20 hours. As with FF13, I'm also on the sidelines about WKC. I'll wait and see just how it turns out.

On another note, I'm really anticipating Star Ocean 4 and Last Rebellion coming very soon. Hopefully Namco will announce Tales of Vesperia PS3 later this year.

Towers763253d ago

Star Ocean 4 was a good game. I rented it on the 360 and had a lot of fun with it. From what I read the PS3 port is suppose to be a much improved version. I wouldn't mind playing through it again so I may wind up picking it up when it releases. I haven't read much on Last Rebellion but I saw a debut trailer. It definitely looks interesting.

ps360owner093253d ago

Like most rpg's it starts out slow but it gets really good in the second half and it has a satisfying ending. The only thing that really bugs me about it is you can't save anytime you want the game still uses save points but hopefully they will fix that for the ps3 version. I am also looking forward to the last rebellion since it looks like one of sega's former studios hitmaker is working on it.

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