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Mat Growcott of Nonsense Gamer writes:

"I consider gaming to be a medium better than any other. Art is beautiful, but the red velvet rope often makes it hard for a regular person to experience it as anything other than a pretty picture on a wall or a sculpture that might somehow break at your touch.

Film, again, has its limits and is often now just an excuse to get together in large groups and laugh at sex and violence.

Even books have cheapened themselves to appeal to the masses. You can't walk into any popular book sellers without seeing a bookcase dedicated to titles like "My Mother Was A Dentist So She Ripped Out My Teeth!" and "I Was Fat So Buy My Story About How Being Fat Is Bad And How I Beat It In A Way That Won't Help You At All."

Games head the other direction. We still have some games that attempt to appeal to the teen mentality that we all have inside us, but with games like Bioshock and Heavy Rain, it shows that developers are beginning to believe that we are ready for some of the big people stories that we were denied before."

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