GamePro: Dead to Rights: Retribution Preview

GamePro writes: "Gore has been doled out in so many different ways over the last few years that it takes a truly unique method of bloodletting to elicit anything more than a "meh" from yours truly. When former GamePro editor Sid Shuman raved about the groin-based violence in Dead to Rights: Retribution I have to admit that I still wasn't convinced, having seen some truly grimace-worthy crotch violence in various horror movies before. While the gameplay could use some polish -- the Namco-Bandai representatives confirmed that the game was still in its tweaking stages -- the kills in Dead to Rights: Retribution are definitely blazing new trails in the kingdom of carnage. At the end of the path, you'll find a man having his groin mutilated by the fangs of a vicious canine."

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