Teen cuts size in half with 'video game diet'

Taylor LeBaron is half the teen he used to be - and that's a very good thing for both his health and self-esteem. An always-big boy who grew into a severely obese teen, the Georgia native dealt with schoolroom taunts and his own shrinking self-image even as he continued put on the pounds.

Finally, LeBaron took control of his life by turning to the thing that helped make him fat in the first place: video games. Based on the games he loved to play while he sat sedentary and stuffed himself, LeBaron created the "Ultimate Fitness Game" - not an actual video game but one that employs the same principles and strategy used to become a top gamesman.

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-Alpha3110d ago

And good for the kid. He took his poison and made it a cure.


Now, if only scotches could make me less drunk.

Wrathman3110d ago

good for him.wot does he want? a bargain bucket?

Maddens Raiders3110d ago

Go Taylor, Go Taylor, Go Taylor.....

SaiyanFury3109d ago

Bah, Wii Fit is a casual gamer joke. It burns a few calories, but if you want real results, nothing replaces actual exercise and a proper diet. Good on this kid for showing how to do things the real way.

qface643109d ago

gaming made him fat? gaming was the poison?
what the heck
ive been taking the poison for years and i can't gain any weight at all D;

Sitdown3109d ago

Because it does give you actual excercise

Cyorg3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Gaming in moderation isn't going to cause someone to be fat, but unfortunately there are many people that could be classified as being "addicted" to games. It's parenting today that's the cause of childhood obesity. Parents allow their kids to spend hours everyday playing games. Instead of healthy meals, it's pizza and burgers. Families are too busy to sign kids up for sports, or boy/girl scouts. Outdoor living has all but died, and kids are likely to have more friends on PSN or XBL than in real life. The American condition is, well... unfortunate.

ZombieNinjaPanda3109d ago

Good for him.

This just goes to show that not all gamers are lazy fat slobs.

reaferfore203109d ago

Wii fit is good exercise I guess... DDR is more intense though.

Tony P3109d ago

Good for him. He deserves some praise. Few people are that self-motivated.

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ThanatosDMC3110d ago

Wow, a positive news about videogames! Where's that lawyer guy?

execution173109d ago

wonder if he was eating subway

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arsenal553110d ago

meh.. id rather go on the carb diet. thats how i lost 100 pounds in 6 months. easy stuff

Braska3110d ago

Saw him on the Today show, he's still a fatty in the inside.

KillerPwned3110d ago

He made a funny lol....kinda

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The story is too old to be commented.