1UP: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) Review

Justin Haywald: "Regardless, Shattered Memories gives you something to think about, even if you don't feel like you have direct control over how events transpire -- a result of the game's non-binary, open-ended decisions, both in how you play the game and in the "psychological profiles" you undergo. That's not bad, but it makes it difficult to understand how exactly your actions change the story's progession. It's not the worst Silent Hill game by a long shot, but the unavoidable action sequences still sour this excursion to Silent Hill for me."

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3257d ago
The Judderman3257d ago

please can this come to ps3/360 . i really like the silent hill games but it feels like the living room consoles are being shaffted this gen regarding this series. Come on Konami, port it over.

FinalomegaS3256d ago

You must have no respect for the higher end systems? Don't ask Konami for a port but rather give us a new solid SH.

Porting should be reserve for systems around the same caliber of strength, then it makes your stronger system look like umm, nvm It's not worth saying but we can use an HD SH.

rob60213256d ago

Well no PS3 version, but at least they went through the effort to give PS fans a PS2 version, it probably won't sell that well cool they did that.

hatchimatchi3256d ago

I might buy this if it comes to the psn.