Lens of Truth: Ninja Gaiden Arcade VC Review

Lens of Truth writes - "Finally, Tecmo has brought the original Ninja Gaiden to a home console without being an unlockable. Thats right, Ninja Gaiden was originally an unforgiving "quarter eater", at your local arcade. When it finally reached the NES, Ninja Gaiden was given a major overhall. In fact, the game was redesigned from the ground up. See if this was the right move after the jump."

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ArthurLee3252d ago

If you played this at the arcade it would cost around $85.00 to finish - no joke. Still, what a classic.

Baron793252d ago

Only $85?!!! Its more tha $100,lol! The new gaidens took right after this one.

Alcon Caper3252d ago

Agreed. This game looked fun, but was a b!tch to play in the arcades. I ended up playing Double Dragon next to it lol.

starchild3251d ago

Yeah, I remember playing that game in the arcades. I wonder how well it has aged. I loved the Ninja Gaiden games on the NES. They were some of my favorite games of all time. I still play them from time to time on my hacked PSP.

Joe Bomb3252d ago

The NES version is king, this one is to AGGRAVATING to enjoy.

Shogun Master3251d ago

I love me some Ryu Haybusa but I don't think this one is even worth the $6.00! Its still nice to finally be able to get this at home (I think this is the first release of this version?).

BTW The continue screen is the most disturbing in video game history!

DigitalHorror813251d ago

Poor game is showing its age.

nogolis3251d ago

Mame has supplied these experiences and then some for many years now... Ninja Gaiden was best on the Master System, however. It was 10 folds better than the nes version.

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