New Developer Trend?: Retail Patches-Thoughts From the Dojo#2

Gary of GamingVice wrote

"Once developers began to patch their games for free via Xbox Live or Playstation Network, I thought we'd seen an end, at least on this half of the world, to a brand new game as a patch. However in late 2009, Halo III: ODST was released in what I imagined would be a can of worms. For the rest of the year no retail patches were made available and so I was happy until Capcom announced that my own favorite series would be receiving such an upgrade in Super Street Fighter IV to be released this April. Now while I'm trying to be upset I can't really be with Street Fighter it is after all the most notorious video game series for this sort of thing, so I swept my rage under the rug."

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Umbrella Corp3227d ago

Its sad how the industry is all about the finances.I miss the old ways of companies,when you send out a game MAKE SURE IT WORKS!Im tired of devs using patches as a way to send theyre unfinished game out fast.However if its needed by all means please :).Off topic I wish there was a patch for Dragon Age Origins its frame rate on the PS3 is ehhh,but still an amazing game.