Aaron Greenberg comment on overall sales for 2009

VGArabia: With NPD sales numbers for 2009 has been completely revealed, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has posted a response to the overall hardware sales numbers for 2009. While he has praised the sales performance for all consoles, he wanted to remind gamers and industry experts that the Xbox360 has actually outsold the PS3 in 2009.

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Chris3993252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Should be noted. The 360 cannot outsell the PS3 when price/ value matched This has been proven, historically. And he dances around this quite cleverly by focusing on "year end" figures. Unless they start banning another hundred thousand consoles every month, as in November.

This man does his job well though, he can spin gold out of turds.

/awaits the infinite disagrees from moneybuyseverything, Omega4 and the rest of the multi-account fanboy squad.

Edit: And again, this is only in NA. Best that you don't look at the global picture, Aaron.

Bungie3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Aaron Greenberg speaks the truth
he's a very smart guy
but that's just NA

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DrWan3252d ago

I want everyone on this site to use their own analytical thinking for once (and if u r doing it already, use it again). We don't need to hear any response from any officials. You have the NPD numbers in front of you, u know the price points, you know what games are out on both system. You have the Japanese figures, we don't have good European figures, but there have been numerous guesstimates in the past.

Now everyone think real hard for a second here, and put all the pieces of puzzles together, and now who's outselling who?

If you believe everything you read on the internet, you are going to be a Nigerian millionaire.

ukilnme3252d ago

Maybe you should go work in Sony's PR department.

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rezenu3252d ago

Greenburg looks like a very tricky man; someone who likes to spin until there's nothing else left to spin.

Guys, please ignore Bungie. He gets a kick out of the comments he makes because you keep paying him attention.

cliffbo3252d ago

it isn't a lie from MS. this is the truth. the 360 did outsell the PS3 in America this year.

Maddens Raiders3252d ago

not telling the whole truth once again. I wonder why?

NateCole3252d ago

Yes it just NA. No offense to smart Americans but Greenburg is one of those American idiots that think that NA is the world and actually think each states in the US are individual countries.

jammy_703252d ago

when i look at his face i wanna punch it.......

Christopher3252d ago

Yes, the 360 did outsell the PS3 in 2009... in North America...

That's like saying the PS3 outsold the 360 in 2009... in Japan...

Sarcasm3252d ago

Microsoft is like that annoying skinny kid in high school who finishes a test early before the rest of the class and thinks he's cool. Only to find out by the end of the class he's got the worse grade on the test and nobody likes him. Yeah... that's Microsoft...

Traveler3252d ago

Lot's of Microsoft bashing in here. I think we need to tone things down. This is the gamer zone I am in, right?

Anyway, do some of you guys really think that they should put a negative spin on things? Doesn't Sony look at all the facts and then find a positive spin as well? Well of course, all companies do.

There sure seem to be a lot of double standards around here.

vhero3251d ago

Yet again some people think NA is the only place on earth it really p*****s me off. Greenburg is a douche.

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TheHater3252d ago

he forgot to add US only. The PS3 outsold the xbox 360 by 500k in Japan in December alone this year.

cereal_killa3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Hater, Just like the fanboy Muppets on this site this arrogant prick is acting just as childish as them. All consoles sold good this year lets just keep pumping out the great games for us to play and enjoy.

TheHater3252d ago

Agree. At the end of the day, its all about the game. I am not going to put Uncharted 2 in my PS3 or Mass Effect in my xbox 360 and enjoy those games any less because the sold X number of unit.

Comedy3252d ago

I'm not impressed with supernatural spin.

Sez 3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

why not? i'm sure you was when sony was doing it all last year up until the price drop and the slim released this year.

ukilnme3252d ago

@ vega75

Lol, I am sure Comedy was not the only one impressed by it.

LordMarius3252d ago

"he wanted to remind gamers and industry experts that the Xbox360 has actually outsold the PS3 in 2009. "

Always worrying about the competition, tsk tsk

3252d ago
rezenu3252d ago

Again, I have no idea what's wrong with this guy. He doesn't talk about how his company is moving forward with the console or new games that are coming.

He resorts to the usual trash talk.

3252d ago
wages of sin3252d ago

Yes because we all know how humble and respectful Sony has been up until recently this generation right? When they do talk about their plans for the future (Natal, upcoming games) it's flooded by pissed off Sony supporters and or hate filled Euro's.

Selective memory must be a requirement for those who worship at the alter of Sony. Perhaps the same people on here all day everyday, should spend less time trash talking MS and Nintendo and know, play something.

Fanboys suck in general but you PS3 fanboys are an embarrassment to humanity. Kinda like the Keith Olberman of gaming, him or Rachel "Madcow".

rezenu3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Please, spare me your paragraph long rants.

All fanboys are bad.

No fanboy is worse than the other. You're angry and bitter at the wrong person. I have every right to point out that Greenburg is perhaps one of the worst Microsoft PR's I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. All PR's talk trash, but this man takes trash talking to a whole new level.

If you don't like my comments or my opinions, you are free to use the ignore button.

Calling out PS3 fanboys makes you as much of a fanboy as they are. If they annoy you so much, then use the ignore button.

XXXCouture: Go cry me a river. Seriously. You're all the same!

Chris: Careful now. Criticizing Microsoft will earn you the 'Hater' award.

XXXCouture3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

sin - careful now, youll loose all your bubbles saying things like that. on this site the only thing people understand, is that ms is evil. and everytime someone says "bots are delusional" or whatever, nobody says to them "dont say one fanboy is worse than another". but if you say "ps fans are stupid" people go "yaa dont say one fanboy is worse than another"

Why do we have to act like sony and ms???? Why cant we show them how you should respect your competetion, instead of just hate. we go "he just trash-talks competetion" yet we do the same all the time

Chris3993252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Guess you missed Turn 10's outbursts, or the dozens of other 360/ PS3 developers talking about the "power" of the consoles they work with, their views on the competition and their general lack of any humility when speaking about their games.

This generation is all about HYPE. Smoke and mirrors, bashing the opposition. They all do it. Though some do it more than others.

MS have something to prove this gen (that they're a household brand) and they're corporate makeup is of mostly domineering type "A" personalities, so I get where they're coming from. Sony had their slice of humble pie early on and they're working to rebuild their brand. Nintendo is the worst offender in my opinion.

The only time they seem to pipe up is to remind everyone of how wildly their Wii-sports/ Fit machine is selling. Of how relevant it is, simply because people are buying it. They're sitting on heaps of wealth, with the only console that has turned a profit FROM DAY ONE, and then some (look at all the accessories, they're almost as bad as MS); and yet they refuse to spit out an original IP unless it's stamped with Mario.

wages of sin3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

But screw the bubble system. It's janky at best and just as jaded as stealth disagrees. This site is a joke save for the amalgamation of news from around the globe. It's better not to even try and comment because it's so one sided and jaded.


If it's too daunting a task for you to read a paragraph, perhaps you should take your own advice and use the ignore button.

Fanboys in general suck but every single thread is swarming with haters who share two things in common. They are rabid Sony only gamers and almost all are European. My being upset is well placed because it's almost impossible to have a decent conversation about games with someone here you because your so delusional. This site has amazing potential that I feel is being ruined by you clowns who just hate for the sake of hating. Completely ignoring anything Sony has said or done this generation, Sony fanatics far, far out number and out embarrass themselves on this site. Maybe because it's full of Europeans; the PS3 is "king" there. However I will take your advice, I'll just go to where people actually know what they are talking about.


You make a very good points. I do realize that devs sometimes talk trash. I've been gaming well over 20 years and it's always been that way. I'm saying that by and large they tend to respect each others work and efforts; at least the classy ones do. It's the P.R. guys who are the worst though. I know it's their job, but, as you said this generation is different. It just sucks more imo because there are a lot of young, gullible fanboys...all camps...who don't have the frame of reference to look back on nor do they have the money to see for themselves how truly awesome these consoles are. Instead they trash talk all day and it's really screwing things up. Preference is one thing but that isn't what's happening now.


FYI European isn't a race therefore it isn't racist. If your going to formulate your argument that way, at least have the terminology and meaning of said terminology correct.

I like you have all three game consoles and enjoy them for the separate experiences they offer. I have a preference to be sure but that is very different than being a fanboy and what I see on this particular site are raving PS3 fanboys who are largely European and who's comments often times reflect a common stream of thought. It's not "racist" to point that out. Try being less knee jerk next time.

rezenu3252d ago

You responded to me.

Did you expect I would ignore you?

Your European comment sounds racist first of all and second of all...really? This site is swarming with PS3 fanboys? I also see 360 fanboys as well, attacking games. Whenever a PS3 fanboy attacks a Halo game, you guys pick up your pitchforks and attack right back. Whenever you do the same thing, they attack right back.

You are all the same.

That's what I observed when I came here.

I am not a PS3 fanboy, I am a PS3 gamer. I'm not excusing anything PS3 fanboys did because you're all the same. It's just that I see 360 fanboys going crazy these days, as if they're scared of something.


Define the word and get back to me, thanks.

Traveler3252d ago

Anybody can see that there are more PS3 fans bashing in 360 articles than 360 fans bashing in PS3 articles. It is just the way it is. Anybody that has an ounce of objectivity can see that it is true.

I also don't understand the unequal treatment towards Microsoft. I don't see them saying anything worse than what Nintendo and Sony say.

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RedDragan3252d ago

Has anyone else noticed that Greenburg is fiddling with his finger tips in the photo?

That is a sign of nervousness. He isn't happy about something and is feeling cornered. Why is he showing signs of uncomfort?

Discuss Greenburgs mental state here!

rezenu3252d ago

I'm no psychiatrist but he looks deceptive.