A video explanation of why Aliens vs. Predator was temporarily banned in Australia

Joystiq: "Be forewarned: Unless you want to see a ton of humans, aliens and predators get murdered (our count was 24 kills in 21 seconds!), you should probably shy away from watching the Aliens vs. Predator trailer we've posted above. There's no developers talking about how excited they are to release the game, or any details about the plot -- it's basically just a demo reel of the title's horrific carnage."

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Maddens Raiders3252d ago

the graphics as far as I can tell. I think the Oz gov't jumped the gun a bit on "banning" it.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3252d ago

I'm looking forward to playing this game (renting it) so I hope it turns out well.

ASSASSYN 36o3252d ago

I enjoyed that. First day purchase 4 me.

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LastDance3252d ago

instead of making a good game, they just shove as much gratuitous violence as possible.

ThanatosDMC3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Well, the team making it seems like a bunch of addicts from the AVP2 so i think AVP3 is good hands. I just hope it's not mandatory to grab and fatality someone in multiplayer or that "slowdown" will get us killed fast.

AVP is meant to be violent though. All the movies and literature make it so. I hope they still let the aliens heal by eating corpses. I also wonder if they're going to give the Preds the ability to heal themselves instantly though they did take out his energy recharging gizmo.

I'm getting it day one unless people report that the game really missed its mark from AVP2. I'm hoping it's leap and bounds better than AVP2's multiplayer which is hard to top.

stonecold13252d ago

payed i hope its still getting released in australia with all content if not cancel my preorder just import it same with heavy rain

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