'Gran Turismo' creator talks and test drives latest model

USA Today had the chance to interview Kazunori Yamauchi about the upcoming Gran Turismo 5. Check it out.

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Hyrius3252d ago

Yah he really seems to love what he does.

rockleex3252d ago

Akin to what the original Gran Turismo did for the racing genre back during the PS1 era, GT5 will do the same once again... but in game design and functionality.


Bumpmapping3252d ago

Bow down bots and kiss your masters feet!

RedDragan3252d ago

Motion Control in GT5?!

Was that reporter serious? Racers are one genre that is not for motion control. Just like a real car, the ultimate aim is a wheel, pedal and gear shifter.... not flailing your arms around like a retard. Ok, that was very harsh of me but I wish some reporters would use a bit of common sense because racing games are nothing like RPGs where you can use motion control for swords and shields.

SasanovaS19873252d ago

how hard is it to make a plastic wheel for the insertion of the wand? so you can play it the same way mario kart is played? are u dumb? its just an ez hardware add for those who dont want to spend 200-300 on top logitech hush, your not a businessman for a reason

RedDragan3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Dude, there is nothing more to add for the realism effect than a Steering Wheel, Pedals and Gears.

And it will not break the bank to buy these things over time. You really think that people will not be able to afford this equipment over the huge amount of time it will take to even get 50% through it?!

I didn't buy the equipment as soon as I got GT4 you know, I wanted it from the start but couldn't afford it. However, I did in the end after putting my heart into getting one and saving up.

What do you suggest for pedals anyway? 3 wands in movable hole? and another wand in hole for the gear stick? 5 wands to get the same effect?

So that is 5 wands in total and the plastic parts for them. May as well spend the (very) little bit extra and get the real thing.

Fishy Fingers3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Did you even bother to read his response to the question?

"It might be used to maybe control the user interface like you would a mouse, but that the extent we would use it for."

Why fixate your attention on the question, when the answer is there for you. No motion control for driving. Simple as that.

RedDragan3252d ago

I was questioning the reporter, not the creator so I have to ask....

Did you even bother to read my post?

Fishy Fingers3252d ago

He's a reporter, with motion controls bursting out on the scene from the major manufacturers of course he will ask about it. Every interview concerning every game of late seems to mention motion controls in one way or another.

DARKrage343252d ago actually MOST used in the Racing genre.

I mean, take a look at Motorstorm or WipEout HD (am I missing another one?)... both utilize the technology which makes for a better / more fun experience IMO.

As for GT5, it makes no sense to include it (and spend all the time configuring each car to DS3 motion control). You can use the racing wheel which is much more realistic and suitable for the quality of GT5.

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JP1773252d ago

Kaz is King

XFlopza3 and Che Chou = LAME

Hyrius3252d ago

"I created the first Gran Tursimo back in 1997 (for the original PlayStation). Back then, it kind of set a new standard for the style for car racing games. This Gran Turismo 5 is going to change all that now. It will change the style of car games in the future. It will be creating a new standard for the genre."


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