G4TV: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Impressions

Kane & Lynch seem to be following in the footsteps of Salem and Rios (Army of Two: The 40th Day), heading to China with some gameplay improvements. In Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Day, Lynch has moved to China to participate in some small-time crime. Kane is no where to be found after saving his daughter after the events of the first game in one of two possible endings. This is the canon IO Interactive is choosing. Anyway, fast forward to a big-time heist presented to Lynch and his group. They need help and Lynch suggests they bring in Kane, who agrees under the conditions that he'll use the money to set his daughter up for life and then give up his life of crime altogether. The game will follow Kane & Lynch for a few days (actual gameplay time around 15-20 hours) leading up to the heist, but things get plenty crazy before the big job."

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