Greenberg: Fanboyism is Like Rooting for a Sports Team

Destructoid has been chatting with Microsoft minister of propaganda Aaron Greenberg, wanting to crack open his head like a big beautiful coconut and gorge on the milk inside. Greenberg is a man known for sparking controversy with his statements, and his interviews are often followed by a flurry of fanboy rage. They wanted to see what he thinks about the fanboys that argue over his words, and what it's like to be such an industry firestarter.

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Parapraxis3258d ago

There is no milk inside coconuts, only air and sometimes water.
Coconut milk is derived from the meat of the fruit.
So if you wanted to gorge on Greenberg's "coconut milk", you better have your meat grinder ready =D

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Parapraxis3258d ago

Its hard to know what Greenberg is going to say in any interview.
Some interviews he's very level headed, sensible and nice, and in others he revels in fuelling the fanboy wars.

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soxfan20053258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Do you mean the Sony people who say things like:

"beating us for a month is like accidentaly winning a point from a karate master"?


"people should get a second job to buy a PS3"?

Are those the Sony guys you're referring to?

Parapraxis3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Correction soxfan:
"Kutaragi, the creator of the PlayStation, commented, “Beating us for a short moment is like accidentally winning a point from a Karate master, and Microsoft is still not black belt”. "

Referring to the amount of time in the gaming business.

"During a recent interview with Japanese economic website Toyo Keizai, ever-charming Ken Kutaragi had this to say about Sony's goal for the PS3: "for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else.""

More hours =/= second job, though it is a silly comment either way.

If you are going to quote, at least get the quotes right.

Maddens Raiders3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

and that's only one person; not ("Sony people" =]) the last time I checked who [unfortunately] is no longer employed with the company. His statements aside, without him the PS wouldn't exist. The same cannot be said about Greenberg and the 360, who is just a PR man.

Cold 20003258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

The most performant fanboys are by far Sony fanboys.

"During a recent interview with Japanese economic website Toyo Keizai, ever-charming Ken Kutaragi had this to say about Sony's goal for the PS3: "for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."


Wow, he couldnt be more wrong.

deadreckoning6663258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

No, its worse than that. Rooting for your team is just fine..BUT, if you start to make personal attacks on someone just for liking another team, THEN, theres a problem with that.

There are countless times here where I've heard fanboys attack Gabe Newell and Greenburg for their weight just because there on the other side. The moment you find the need to attack someone PERSONALLY in order to state your opinion, then you no longer have an opinion.

And YES, the MAJORITY of the hate comes from Sony fanboys. Anyone here who thinks otherwise is naive or is a Sony fanboy themselves.
Want Proof? Check the forumns.

PS3 visitors- 1867 visitors= 220568 posts
Xbox 360 visitors- 771 visitors= 58256 posts

@kratos123- I find it hilarious when a fanboy accused of being a fanboy retaliates by calling his accuser a fanboy LMAO. Same crap, different day. Ur username doesn't help ur case much either :)

Hellsvacancy3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

EXACTLY, hes justa PR man, he gets paid MEGA bucks 2 shout the odds, hes hardly gonna bite the hand that feeds him now is he

kratos1233258d ago

lol says the fanboy
edit: thank god you edit your text because you would look really stupid thank god i read it in time and hade me good laugh

Blaze9293258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

PR Man? What in the world are you and Maddens Raiders talking about? Aaron Greenberg is not the "PR" man for Microsoft - he's just the only one that actually likes to talk. Greenberg was the one in charge for the entire Microsoft E3 2009 event and is the director of product management at Microsoft.

I don't really care about what is being discussed here or what he said/says, but get your facts straight before degrading someone's career.

Do you guys really even know who PR is and what they do? They are the ones who send out press releases, talk to the media for a company, handle their social outreach and partnerships hence "public relations", type up newsletters, etc.

Now, inb4 all the pointless fanboy disagrees.

A Cupcake for Gabe3258d ago

It is funny how there were Nintendo and Sony fans, then MS came in. Everyone brought something to the table. Every console had a billion good games. Then came the 360 and they hyped it for a year, and started the fanboywars. Now Sony has finally defended off the enemy's lies and attacks, and now is the #1 wanted system, climbing faster than 360, and blowing minds.

Greenburg boasts when MS is successful, and bullcraps when it is not. This is why everything I loved about Xbox died over 4 years ago.

qface643258d ago

id rather be a game fanboy than a console fanboy any day

also you can't really say a certain console fanboy is worse than another or anything of the sort
fanboys are fanboys no matter what the console

Maddens Raiders3258d ago

"Wow, he couldnt be more wrong."

::looks @ 1 year 360 headstart & WW sales:: orly?

good thing fanboy(s) consists of one person that is the designer of the system and not even employed with the company any longer & those quotes are ancient lol.

@ 1.11 -
"I don't really care about what is being discussed here or what he said/says, but get your facts straight before degrading someone's career."

are you in love; didn't mean to strike a nerve - sorrrry he's the Dir. of Product Management [PR] >_>

like i give a crap about Greenberg's "career". Again trying to compare his "body of work" to Kutaragi's accomplishments are laughable at best. Most people that do what this guy does are in jail.
he is a deceitful, deceitful man.

YoungKingDoran3258d ago

hey man you can milk anything with nippples... ew

003258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

LMAO my god you people, I allows knew that logic and reality did not exist on N4G but it looks like history can be added in as well.

Saaking3258d ago

Yep, and PS3 fans normally have the more sane arguments backed up by facts. Unlike others who simply cover their ears and keep telling themselves their console is on par with the PS3.

RememberThe3573258d ago

Have you ever listened to sports radio? Sports fans are insane! You should have heard the rage over Jim Mora getting cans from the Seahawks, and the extra rage when we found out Pete Carroll was named as head coach. Pete Carroll is a great coach and people were still pissed!

I have to agree with Greenberg, it's the same mentality as a passionate sports fan.

Sez 3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

you have to understand that sonyfanboy have very selective memories. no matter how many links or quote you list. sonyfanboys will only disagree and take your bubbles. they act like everything sony PR says is true about other companies. but you say something negative about sony or the ps3. you will be discredited or called a fanboy.

point example: just look at the negative article that get posted on this site. watch how fast it get reported. why? because sonyfanboys can't take it. they start crying,screeming,lashing out at anyone and anybody that doesn't feel as they do about the ps3. just look how emotional they get when an exclusive they been hyping doesn't get the rating they feel it should. yet they claim to be more mature. (yeah sure you guys are)

point i'm trying to make is. your better of have a logical conversation with a booger on the wall. then pointing out to
them things that sony PR said.

@ godmars.

Are you serious? Or is this the selective memory kicking in. No proof. Just look in any negative article about Sony or the ps3. You will see what I'm talking about. " sonyfanboy are bad because they are just bad" ah no more like hypocritic that can't take critizism. But want everyone else to get it.


if you want a Sonyfanboy site so much. Take you @ss over to psxtreme,PSU,gamepro. Those are sonyfanboy sites. They cater to everything pro-Sony. They even give Sony games high rating and post pro-Sony news. And as far as MS fanboys running this site. Lol. When I came here sonyfanboy was still bashing the 360 and it fanboys. Sonyfanboys started this war since last gen. So stop acting like you guys are the victims. Sony is getting the same medicine as the GC and xbox last gen. And you guys can't take it.


"Kutaragi, the creator of the PlayStation, commented, “Beating us for a short moment is like accidentally winning a point from a Karate master, and Microsoft is still not black belt".- neither is sony.

" Referring to the amount of time in the gaming business." nintendo's been in the business longer than sony. so if anyone should say something. it should be them.

ThanatosDMC3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Wow, it's like they read what we were talking about here on N4G yesterday... they probably did and made article about it.

"... because sonyfanboys..." rinse and repeat. It's like they're telling on their mommies how much it pro PS3 are hurting them??? Weird.

Godmars2903258d ago

Why is it that I'm only hearing accusations from you and the likes of Cold2000 with nothing to back it up other than your own opinions?

"Sony fanboys are bad because they're bad" is not a valid argument.

Saaking3258d ago

I have a serious question for you and all the other 360 fans who keep on complaining. Why don't you just leave? I mean, no one's holding you back, and there's dozens of gaming sites.

If you hate N4G this much, then just leave. Don't sit there and complain day after day. It's an easy solution. 360 fans used to run this site, PS3 fans are getting their payback now.

pippoppow3258d ago

Ms' tactics have been insulting and I'll not support them this gen. Ive have in my collection many differnt types of consoles but no MS console.

I bought an original Xbox but sold it due to lack of exclusives and genral interst.

Was thinking about buying a 360 within it's 1st year but didn't have games that interested me. Then the RROD and the handling of it had me seething due to the amount of disrespect shown to gamers and how duped I would have felt for supporting a company that had practices so low. That is the main reason for not supprting the 360. That along with an online fee and lack of exclusives really has me turned off to the 360.

So while I bought an original Xbox last gen, I'll not support MS this gen. They would have to do a lot to redeem themselves in my eyes next gen but honestly even with hardware issues and online fees, they'd have increase there exclusive library which I do not see happening.

I'd like to see a new console arrive next gen that not only has reliable hardware and free online but one that recognizes the importance of exclusives. I'd support this company along with most likely Sony and maybe Nintendo as well if they were to become more like the Nintendo of old (unlikely).

So it isn't all about just supporting one "team", sometimes there is a real divisive and just reason.

Traveler3258d ago

Rooting for "your team" is one thing, but extreme fanboyism is hurting gaming. Especially the extreme fanboyism on this site. I like both consoles and I come to this site for news, not to constantly be bombarded by a bunch of fanboy comments.

mythamp3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

You wouldnt bother reading all the comments and replying, honestly admit it, you enjoy reading fanboy on fanboy action!!! Its so much fun for me to read the comments section than the article, cause articles on games are mostly full of crap anyways (mostly paid by the producers, eg HALO ODST, Forza3), i want to know whats the general public/knowledgeable gamer's take on things.

Oh and you also get to learn many facts and fans really bring out the good quotations, so you also get to learn and pick your side.

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Godmars2903258d ago

That might be true, but its also a surrendering of free will. That no matter what your "team" does, no matter how stupid, you will not only defend but support it.

Business don't need that. Consumers, especially when the company in question exploits that, don't need that.

mastiffchild3258d ago

Yeah. It's one of his most ridiculous comparisons ever. I've been at football matches and seen people stabbed, have bricks hit them in the face etc, etc. Now i'm not condoning that kind of behaviour in any way but, to me anyway, it shows the level of feeling towards a sports team which can be something that you support through it being your local team(so hometurf pride and community pride comes into it and they're powerful things), it may be something that runs in your family(or both in my case as all my family support the same team AND hail from the area)and the bond you feel with your fellow supporters is actively encouraged by the game itself. You go to the ground in all weather together, travel the world together(and making the same trip your team does brings a stronger bond than ever which is partly why away fans sound louder man for man than a home crowd ever does), you gather in the stadium and take part in things which bond you even further like communal singing and chanting, bouncing and dancing and jesticulating and as a result are actually a part of the theatre of sport-it's just nothing like being a console fanboy whatsoever in my eyes and I cannot believe he thinks this for one second.

There are no organised fanboy ultra for Sony or MS paying their way together to E3 to support their manufacturers performance with witty or abusive songs now are there? Fanboys don't(thank God) have an element who feel so strongly about their side that they arrange knife fights in secluded areas away from the authorities to sort out their differences do they? Jesus, theere's not even anything you could ever call a conclusive "win", no "match" to speak of-the list of diffrences is literally immense and the similarity only very superficial.

So-you cannot compare the two things(sport and gaming esp where console preference is concerned)and you cannot compare sports fans and famnboys either. Amazingly daft analogy for me. Another thing: many people who we might still say are fanboys still buy ALL th systems and doing so is no indication that you won't be a fanboy certainly but as a Chelsea fan could I purchase a Spurs top because I thought it was a nice colour, they have a player i think is quite good or some other reason? Of course I couldn't as it would make me feel like a piece of crap(no offense meant to my "beloved" Spurs loving associates! as I know they feel exactly the same as I do)and way less of a supporter but most gamers would gladkly buy and nearly always accept a free console from "the other side" and there's little question they wouldn't.

I think the furthest you can go i saying that some people really mistrust one or the other companies for whatever reason or have a brand loyalty because they either like buying home made(to their nation) goods or have used one of the companies stuff for a long time and been satisfied with it. however, should, say , Sony make a crappy console that really had no games, was totally unreliable, was priced extortionately(and i mean that having paid daft sums of money for Chelsea games in the past), treated their consumers as badly as football fans have been treated by their cluibs over the years and replaced it with an equally shoddy exprrience the very next year would there be ANYONE left standing by them singimng their praises? No, no there wouldn't but your team is for life, through thick and thin and through having to buy your kid the new shirt every year whatever it looks like and however far they have fallen in terms of on field performance.

I don't usually dislike Greenburg so much as many do but here he's being really dim. I honestly cannot see any real similarity and if he's arrogant enough to imagine that people would be as loyal to MS(or Sony or Ninty or Sega in their time) then he's massively deluded imo. Of course he knows fanboys are a great source of positive spin for his company and this might be to gee what he see as his boys up a little by overinflating their importance-and remember fanboys of all kinds make it easier for theindustry to take the mick and rip us off as they put a positive outlook on the worst things their company does and also distract from the point by arguing about evetry little thing which means we're never as strong a community as we should be and remain easily divided along platform lines and ruled over by developers, publishers and console makers alike. Even the most hardened football supporters these days will bband together for supporters rights while the corporate support of the fanboy is more akin to supporting the bad business decisions of the board rather than the team. This all means their main advantage for someone like Greenburg is as apologists and unpaid spin doctors to limit damage or keep up hype for their products.

So, no, fanboys are not like sports fans/suporters in any real sense at all-their loyalty isn;'t even based in things as strong as sports fans generally are so he was on rocky ground here from the very beginning.

OneShotThrill3258d ago

Fanboyism (at least in gaming)comes from justifying what you purchased instead of growing up and realizing theres cool stuff to play on everything.

WildArmed3258d ago

well it doesn't help when PR is only throwing more fuel in the heated battles.

Gigalol3258d ago

The last playstation franchise



blitz06233258d ago

last playstation franchise. Wow you bots make me LOL so hard. all you do is troll and say stuff you WISH were true. GoW, KZ, the newly made Infamous, Resistance and R&C are all PS franchises. Oh and get your facts right. The only MGS thats coming to your crapbox is a spinoff that won't even compare to the canon games. MGS is still a PS franchise.