BRAVIA Internet Video Link coming to PlayStation 3

PS3 Attitude: You may never heard of it but BRAVIA Internet Video Link is a service provided to many Sony Bravia TV's and Blu-ray players.

Well Sony has now announced that the service will be making its way to the PlayStation 3 this year.


The free HD Internet video streaming service gives users content from providers such as YouTube, AOL LLC, Yahoo Inc, Amazon, Netflix and more.

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Godmars2903252d ago

So web browser, video DL service, Netflix and now another video feed service. A free one at that.

Sony's certainly aiming for the "Do Everything" title.

Hope this hit the industry media circuit when it actually happens.

3252d ago
Godmars2903252d ago

Unless its going to be tied to the PS3's subscription service, then its still news worthy.