Exploring the 'Physical Action/Reaction' of Heavy Rain

Nick Chester @ Destructoid: "After spending hours with a preview build of Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, I've found that it's certainly a difficult title to talk about. One of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusives for 2010, I'm still not entirely sure it's even a game... at least not in the traditional sense."

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Roper3163253d ago

"playing with the story almost in a physical sense, changing it, twisting it, discovering it, making it unique, making it yours."

That is why this is my most anticipated game of 2010!

ian723253d ago

I really am looking forward to playing this, day 1 for sure.

3252d ago
NateCole3252d ago

Its a differnt type of game that will attract a different type of crowd to the PS3.