Mass Effect 2 receives new equipment features

The Lost Gamer writes "Considering the fact that you will potentially gain the skills of up to ten squad members, Bioware have sought to make looking after them all more manageable than that encountered within the first Mass Effect game. To improve upon this, two new features have been introduced."

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Blaze9293171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I really need to get around and play Mass Effect 1 already. This game is looking pretty cool and from what I hear the series is great.

cervantes993171d ago

I highly recommend you play this ASAP.

There are quite a lot of technical issues with the game, but they are more annoyances than anything else.

Story and game play are top notch so it is easy to overlook the technical problems (Long elevator loading, texture pop-in and stuttering frame rate).

ME2 appears to have corrected all of these issues though :)

wAtdaFck3171d ago

i finished it in 3 days (off work, school still in vacation). good luck bro

peowpeow3171d ago

I love alot of the elevator rides because of Wrex! He's too funny xP

Wrex: Soo tell me..who would win in a fight between you and Shepard?

Tali: Do krogans size up everyone for a fight? Even friends and allies?

Wrex: ..Yes

**awkward silence**

hahaha wrex is classic
Don't watch if you are going to play ME, it'll spoil the fun :P

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Trebius3171d ago

It's DLC :(

No disc space

003171d ago

the gameplay sounds greatly improved from mass effect 1.

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