Medal of Honor Level has huge Modern Warfare 2 Similarity

CC: The understandable reboot of Medal of Honor is the feature cover of this month's (February 2010, Issue 56) Official Xbox 360 Magazine. In the feature pages, OXM told of their experience when they went to EA LA, and the developers were showing off an actual level from the gameplay

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mrv3213259d ago

'The level EA shows off takes place in the small town of Gardez, south-east of Kabul. You’re being led by Voodoo through the streets at night, manning a turret gun on top of a jeep as you’re off to meet an informant. As you wind your way through the narrow streets, there’s a sense that something is wrong. Cue panicked shouting about tangos – and then a rocket-propelled grenade screams into the side of your jeep. The panicked shouting turns into hoarse screaming which you can only just make out through the ringing of your ears, as you stagger back to your feet and use your upturned jeep wreckage for cover.'

Seeing as something similar happend in COD 2 I presume they drew their inspiration from 100's of thing. Like for EXAMPLE EVERYTHING TO STAR GUNS. Band of Brothers did the whole ear ringing thing to. Black Hawk down had the whole ambush stuff. So yeah.

Can we stop say games are copying other games when the 'other game' took the majority of it's ideas from other games combined them cut the experience down REMOVE ALL STORY and leave it to sell based on it's online alone.

Maddens Raiders3259d ago

this is just what we need. /s

mjolliffe3259d ago

I also love how some people say the graphics are bad - The thing is, they will get better, it's just one of the first versions of the game we've seen in the game...

nycredude3259d ago

I like how no ones seems to know or remember that MOH series used to rule war games before IW broke off from that same developer and started making CODs.

Besides that scene would have come from any number of war movies.

fishd3259d ago

I remember playing first MOH on original Playstation!
It was SO fukcing awesome!
good old days,but now I am kinda sick of FPS games *sigh*

nycredude3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Yeah way too much of this fps money grab.

The MOH series were excellent back in the days. IW left them and started cod. Seems EA wants the fps crown back, or they just want a piece of the huge cod pie!

I am like craving anything but fps these days, which is why I am excited about Darksiders, GT5, ME2, GOW3, MNR, WKC!

Brock Danger3259d ago

Yea, that game was I still to this day love using the Garand and it's signature report and empty clip sound because of that game.

dirthurts3259d ago

the first moh. I still remember when I first saw a german throw back a grenade, or a dog fetch it. Epic awesomeness.
And how you could catch a guy off guard and he'd struggle to load his clip before you shot his helmet off and killed him. ah...
The body specific animations where awesome too.

Elven63259d ago

nycredude: The Infinity Ward guys left a studio called 2015, Inc, the only MOH game they made was Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

The team that made the original [and most] Medal of Honor on the PS1 is still at EA.

evrfighter3259d ago

there was nothing original in the mw2 story except for the falling choppers saving the dude.

everything else was ripped off of action movies. soooooo is it really similar to mw2?

BattleAxe3258d ago

I really hope that MoH turns out to be a completely different experience over MW2. If it turns out to be the same kind of game, then I'll probably pass.

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mjolliffe3259d ago

I just want to see this level now - Just see what the differences are. It sounds a lot like the one from Modern Warfare 2;

- Manning a turret on a Jeep
- Winding your way through the streets of a town
- A sudden sense something's wrong
- The Jeep's blown up

Sounds a lot like it, though there are probably differences...

WildArmed3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Well Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Logiistics3259d ago

Now you bring it up, i agree it is very similar.

mjolliffe3259d ago

That level will probably the one that people will recognise - But MW2 is set all over the world so it's a little different in the end...

kevco333259d ago

Well, surely this was to be expected?

Modern Warfare 2 = sells bucketloads.
Medal of Honour: Airborne = hmm... not so much.

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