IO: Gerstmann-gate got 'out of hand'

Some two years after the infamous dismissal of GameSpot editorial director Jeff Gerstmann, rumoured to be a result of external pressure from Eidos over their disappointment in his review of IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch, caught up with IO's Carsten Lund and Hakan Abrak to find out if time has healed painful memories.

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TOO PAWNED3109d ago

"Let's face it, we had some problems with the mechanics, right? I mean, that's the honest truth. We spent a lot of time trying to fix it this time around." - you weren't honest back then. Funny how developers become "honest" once game has been out for some time

WildArmed3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

lol they acknowledge it now, so the people will actually buy the sequel.. so basically they are saying 'it's going to be ALOT BETTER now since we got all the issues ironed out'

But i think I may skip this one, just like the first.

Blaze9293109d ago

so he got fired for nothing huh....that's what happens when you mix business (CNET & Eidos) with opinions (Jeff).

Rampaged Death3109d ago

He got fired for telling the truth. And that was because Kayne and Lynch sucked.

ThanatosDMC3109d ago

It really does suck and Jeff's review was very accurate at how he described the gameplay. It was trash. I'm not purchasing the sequel but im curious about the movie. Is the movie still coming out?

FamilyGuy3109d ago

And i don't see anyone getting fired over the poor reviews Tony Hawks's Ride has been receiving.

RememberThe3573109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )


*Off to watch a Quick Look*

mrv3213109d ago

I'm off to set my phasers to gun.

gameangel3109d ago

...Wish people would stop using the word 'gate' as a suffix to mean scandal.

Such a cliche.

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The story is too old to be commented.