Mercenaries 2: World in Flames - Exclusive Debut Trailer

Profit from the chaos of a war-torn land as the explosive action of the Mercenaries series returns to next-gen consoles.

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InMyOpinion4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

I tipped about this one hour ago, why not make a story from my tip instead?

Ok =) No prob. Nice trailer anyways.

TnS4050d ago

Sorry, I didn't noticed it. I check tips only when I run out of news.

LSDARBY4050d ago

Not exited about this game at all tbh

Evil Rant Monkey4050d ago

Should kick some serious @$$. Can't wait for some multiplayer mayhem!

ben hates you4050d ago

so far today's news hasn't been as exciting as i have seen

kingofps34050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

The characters look lifeless and completely fake. This footage is probably not taken from the PS3 version.

I don't get what you mean? EA is the one who probably decided upon to release the game on the PS3 along with on the 360, PC, and the PS2.

It doesn't matter.

DADO4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

That might be the reason why Sony did no keep this game as an exclusive. First the games was announced for the PS3 and later it went multi. If Sony wanted to keep it exclusive they would have paid for it. Most of the games that went multi are franchises that are dying or old and that do not offer anything new.
Just my opinion.

toughNAME4050d ago

thats why you have one bubble...

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