Wii 2 'not just a HD upgrade', says Reggie

CVG: Next Nintendo console to "add more capability", promises NOA big man

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dgroundwater3259d ago

So now he's taking about it.

The Wii 2 is not "far away." Two years I say.

Lifendz3259d ago

after seizing the casual gaming market and making a boatload of cash on the Wii they'll put out a console that can not only produce HD games but HD games with at least the visual fidelity we've seen on PS3 and 360 this gen and do away with those friend codes. Oh and a better controller is a must.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Wii friends codes is not a limitation. Nintendo made their online structure like this because this is a console made for the family and they don't want little kids talking to strangers.

DEA Fresh3259d ago

Sounds like they're going to add DVD support. Watch out Sony and MS.

rambi803259d ago

2 more gens and maybe a hard drive - nintendo future proofing!!!- sorry couldn't help it

pippoppow3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Wireless waggle would be nice and graphics close to the best next gen to get more 3rd party support. I think current Wii owners may consider upgrading to a more expensive next gen HD-Wii console as long as it's under $300, is backward compatible and has a big enough difference in graphics to warrant an upgrade.

Next gen Nintendo will face bigger competition due to the competition embracing motion controls out the box fully. Will be interesting to see what road Nintendo follow.


SoX FireBlade3259d ago

This one should be better than the current one

man nes, nintendo 64 and gamecube are way better than the wii

iforgotmylogin3259d ago

last week wii 2 did not exist according to somebody.

well cheers to 2 more years. this e3 belongs to the ds2 and psp2

NOOBKILLA3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

YAWN!! Whatever Reggie!! The only reason I bought a Wii is because my kids begged for it. I already had a 360, PS3, and PC for gaming. Reaching into my pocket to pay for the Wii this past holiday was difficult knowing the graphics are horrible. Yea I know graphics aren't everything and I should pay attention to gameplay so let me put it like this.

If you had two women with the exact same personalities, goals, etc but one was a supermodel from Sweden and the other was some ridiculously ugly chick with bad hygiene, which one would you want to bring home to "play" with?

Immortal3213259d ago

Nintendo can be very feared if nintendo console are powerful enough to equal sony's machine, but that would scare away the babies.

iforgotmylogin3259d ago

in gaming terms
you need a second console rofl

frankymv3259d ago

Probably by the end of this year. Nintendo sales have dropped drastically year over year.

rambi803259d ago

Does this mean that - gasp - Patcher was correct??

Say it aint so

Confirmed - these really are the end days

DatNJDom813259d ago

So you dominited with the NES and SNES. Then gave a very good run with N64 and Gamecube, but was bested by Sony. Now you wipe the floor with microsoft and Sony, although you ended up kind of losing the hardcore gamers. Now, with the huge amount of money you made this gen, you plan on making a brand new system that will be a beast machine and bring back hardcore gamers. If you do that and bring back hardcore games, then I can honestly say that I will buy this system.

fallingdove3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Each Nintendo generation looses more and more credability with me. I am sure that there are some that would disagree with me, but Nintendo hasn't made a worthwhile system since the super nintendo. From the N64 on, generally, only nostalgic franchises have been any good. When was the last time we saw a new ip that was worth anything. What happended to the creativity that spawned incredible ips like Metroid, Zelda, and Mario.

Don't tell me that the glorified tech demos that are Wii Sports and Wii Fit qualify, as these games are eroding the expansion of the video game medium as a serious expression.

Nintendo has 4 old mares in its stable that it will probably rely on till the end of time. It would be nice if they bred a new horse.

rambi803259d ago


Don't be too hard on nintendo.
Their fanbase declined steadily since the NES - research the numbers.

They needed a new audience.

I agree that it would be nice if they could use their new fortunes to reward their stalwarts with a few more games each year though.

whoelse3259d ago

More? That must mean like DVD support! That would be fantastic.

Oh wait its 2010.

Maddens Raiders3259d ago

like most of us: Atari, Nintendo, Sega, etc...

but they lost me this generation with the Wii. I know it has some fun games and Mario never gets old, but I mean they really lost me with the seemingly total abandonment of hardcore gamers. I guess I really do love the profanity, loads of bullets, gratuitous over the top violence, and occasional nudity in games. But...and this is a huge but -- If Nintendo makes a complete about face and blows me away with PS3 like visuals in any of their games on the next console - then I will be forced to pick one up. There's one thing I know for sure & that's that Nintendo 1st party are crack gold just like SNE's, so for these to be realized in full HD glory will compel me to give in and purchase.

Now what I'd like to know are what are some of the other features besides HD capability and a new controller they may bring to the table? Blu-Ray, WiFi, interchangeable HDD?

fallingdove3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

@ rambi80

Its difficult for me not to be hard on nintendo as I have such fond memories of playing their games growing up. But with the rediculous things they have done over the years, its as if my grandma was to stand up at e3, tell us all that 'she has been a gamer for life', tell us that 'she knows exactly what we want' and then try and shove digital romance novels down our throats. No Cammie Dunaway is not my grandma..

They are just completely out of touch, and the fact that their casual appeal is generating millions of dollars is forcing the video games industry to follow their incoherent lead. The blind leading the blind.

A Cupcake for Gabe3259d ago

Reggie is the Peter Molyneux of Nintendo. He is an idiot.

Fierce Musashi3258d ago

Chances are, their next console wouldn't have 'Wii' or '2' in it's name. I don't think are all for numbers.

I just hope third parties don't be such lazy a**es with this one. Nintendo can't be the only ones dishing out quality on their one own console.

ThanatosDMC3258d ago

No no... they will give us a crappy controller at launch and then release those legitimate controllers latter to make more money.

ChickeyCantor3258d ago

"If you had two women with the exact same personalities, goals, etc but one was a supermodel from Sweden and the other was some ridiculously ugly chick with bad hygiene, which one would you want to bring home to "play" with?"

Lol such a bad metaphor. Cause in fact "with the exact same personalities, goals" means they do the same thing. Thats all the PS3/360/Wii do. The only difference is horse power. Their "looks and hygiene" become obsolete(they dont even fit in your statement).
They do in fact play games, thats all that matters( for the rest its a matter of taste in the games you like).

I don't know, but the more people try to make up metaphors or just plainly bashing the Wii...its as if they are trying to dismiss all consoles before this gen. Because they never had the horse power of this generation.

NOOBKILLA3258d ago

What I meant by my metaphor is that you can get great gameplay on all three consoles (thus the same personalities, goals, etc comment). However, the presentation (looks, i.e. Supermodel or Ugly/Bad Hygiene Chick) makes the "experience" a lot better.

I'm not bashing the Wii, i'm a 80s baby so playing all the old classics brings back a lot of memories. But come on man for us hardcore gamers the Wii is a joke.

ChickeyCantor3258d ago

Compared to the other 2, yes the Wii lacks lots of games.
But No i dont think its a "joke" , since im not into this "hardcore" nonsense.

As for "experiences" being better, i doubt that.
It just depends on the project/concept.
It all comes down to Design.

I dont mind people hating the Wii, its a machine after all.
But i do mind people who claim they can only play games if the hardware is up to date.

I could still play games on the Gameboy classic and enjoy them as games of today.
To each his own i guess.

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Somnipotent3259d ago

i thought he said no WiiHD... or could this be a whole new console concept all together?

Myst3259d ago

I thought the exact same thing, back when there was that rumor floating about from Nintendo Fr. They stated their would be, Reggie later stated no. Now it seems like he's back on the topic.

asdr3wsfas3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Read the quote, it's talking about the next step for nintendo being more than HD. He says it will happen when they have provided all experiences to the consumer from the existing wii, which he says they haven't come close to doing.

Seferoth753258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Typical N4G people.
He said there was No WII HD. the Wii with just HD added. He never said there wouldnt be another console...

Mini Mario3258d ago

"Also a marketplace for demos, trailers, etc. "

Ahh there is. It's called the nintendo channel. You can download demos for your DS, watch traliers, interviews and heaps of other crap.

Shows how much some of you really know...

ChickeyCantor3258d ago

Therw will be no Wii-HD, as people like to call it. If there is a next console, its not called Wii-HD nor will it just be HD. Thats all.

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Bnet3433259d ago

That's good to hear. They need to get rid of the Friend Codes and have a good online network set up with user names and universal friends list. Also a marketplace for demos, trailers, etc.

rambi803259d ago

is there no other picture for reggie??

AnotherGamerUser3259d ago

The what? Pic and the one where he is wildly flailing is arms about like an idiot.

rambi803259d ago

Thanks - i was kinda curious

asdr3wsfas3259d ago

Any other pic might let us forget that this site is a joke.

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