10° Bayonetta Review

As recently as one hundred years ago, Hideki Kamiya would have been thrown into an insane asylum for something as desperately unhinged as Bayonetta, and we'd all have been thankful to see him rot there.

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monkey6023255d ago

I thought Zavvi had shut down?! Or at least all the stores in the southern sideof Ireland did!

Al803255d ago

They've come back to life as an online-only retailer. They are like, but better... purely because they don't ship from Jersey, so you don't have to wait an age for your stuff to arrive

monkey6023255d ago

Ugh... I know what that's like I bought Demon's Souls 2 weeks ago and it hasn't even been shipped yet :/

I liked Zavvi while they were here though. Fairly cheap for stuff

3254d ago