CVG: Star Trek Online beta keys giveaway

Star Trek Online, the new space-borne MMO from Cryptic Studios, has finally entered its open beta phase and CVG have teamed up with publishers Namco Bandai to offer you one of 1500 beta keys, so you can explore the very outer limits of the Star Trek universe.

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phonicx3259d ago

If CVG has none left I also have keys at my own site I'm giving them out freely, you only need to sign up to the forums so that your email goes in the database so I can email the key to you, feel free to de-register after that.

Still 450 keys left so there's a good chance of getting one :-)

Perjoss3259d ago

got mine from the download is slow on torrent so i might switch to a http download instead, I'm glad i got in to try it as I would not have bought it unless they did a free trial.

Dellis3259d ago

lol this stuff was up weeks ago..

InyaAzz3259d ago

They're already out.

This whole business of getting keys has gotten old, really quick. Every time I see an announcement, I beat feet over to the site and they're all gone.

jimmins3256d ago

NowGamer still has a ton.... check it out:

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