Massive Effect To Gameplay

Critical Gamer writes: Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of BioWare's Mass Effect franchise, took a short break from the trenches to tell Critical Gamer what his team was most excited about and proud of regarding the company's highly anticipated end of January release, Mass Effect 2.

"Probably the biggest enhancement that we've made for Mass Effect 2 is simply the moment-to-moment feel of the game. It's faster, smoother, and more precise, and that makes the whole experience that much more exciting and immersive."

The game feels more like an action game. Gameplay seems as if it has been sped up considerably, which almost makes the player believe they are playing a game developed by Cliff Bleszinski, rather than a traditional BioWare release.

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DemonStration2983d ago

Ugh this game needs to come out already!

meepmoopmeep2982d ago

i just hope it's not

Mass DEFECT, again

i hope they fixed the tech issues of the first game

mikepmcc2982d ago

Am I the only one that saw he spelled 2 as "To" ?????

4Sh0w2982d ago

I still love the original ME, just continuing the story with ME2 already garaunteed the game would be a 1st day buy for me, the welcomed improvements are just icing on the cake. Great job Bioware.

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Pidgeridoo2983d ago

Sounds like they wnat this game to be more action based than an RPG.

chrisulloa2982d ago

You obviously know nothing about Mass Effect, the customization is incredible, the good / evil choice is awesome, and the characters have great development.

Mondayding2983d ago

Doesn't say much, does he, other than "it's better than the last one"...

Cubes2983d ago

I hope all this ramped up action doesn't 'dumb down' the RPG side of things. I really wish RPG's gave you the ability to choose how in-depth you could go into customising your character, so if you're new to the genre you could leave character building to the computer. It might encourage newcomers to the genre, and it would also keep the hardcore fans happy as well. Win win situation.

moneybuyseverything2982d ago

Improving gameplay quality hardly suggest that the "RPG" will be dumbed down. Improved combat, physics, powers doesn't translate to being dumbed down IMO.

Pidgeridoo2983d ago

I agree with cubes. I hope that all the action doesn't ruin the RPG side of things i hate when games do that!

scruffy_bear2983d ago

Yeah I agree let's hope Bioware hasn't dumb down the RPG side of things

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The story is too old to be commented.