Xbox 360 Classics Range Receives Redesign

Microsoft has today subtly revealed a redesign of the Xbox 360's Classics range cover artwork. With the release of new artwork for the Halo 3 Classics retail package, a title which has been available as part of the budget range of Xbox 360 software since March 2009, Microsoft has suggested a revision of the branding may be on the cards.

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dgroundwater3253d ago

It looks better.

By the way the expression is "in the cards" and not "on the cards".

tdrules3253d ago

lmao no its not

benny o klaatt3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Well round my area it's 'on the cards' maybe its the American way

GameOn3253d ago

LMAO, that's worse than "I could care less".

tdrules3253d ago

better than a certain yellow greatest hits cover.

Alcon Caper3253d ago

which one is it? is it the green or the yellow?

benny o klaatt3253d ago

Dunno, although the first one looks the best. Saying that though, they all look like sh*t.

AnotherGamerUser3253d ago

I think Microsoft needs to ditch the whole puke green color scheme for boxes. It was relevant on the original xbox but now it is just distracting.

GameOn3253d ago

I'd love to see some one throw up green. Lets face it, unless they ate a sh*t load of peas, there's something very wrong with them.

dirthurts3253d ago

Not digging it myself. Too green.

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