Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Official Website Launched & Box Art Revealed

Capcom Entertainment has today launched the official website for the forthcoming Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Set to be available at retail in March, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition features the entire of Resident Evil 5, along with two brand new chapters and much more.

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VanHalen3259d ago

Man, im gettin tired of all the added extra content gold silver whatever editions these game companies keep cashing in on! It has become the latest money making trend these days and its starting to piss me off! With all the insanely good games that have been coming out, who seriously has the time or money to keep dropping into the same game for a couple new features? I always say if they didnt include it in the first version then thats too bad. Just work on a new game, how bout spending the time and effort on making RE6 and not another half @ss game that is basically the exact same game with a couple extra deals for $60!!!! Ive had enough, if you agree with me people then i say you join me in boycotting these particular versions. If they dont sell well then they wont keep doin this stuff! They should be working on RE6 not RE5.2!!! We dont have time for this, especially with all the huge amounts of games pouring out this year!

Emmettcelticfan3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

i do agree with your points but i am a huge resident evil fan and i will be picking this game up. from shopto though they sell games cheaper than retail i'll probs get it for £30-35. its the same story with halo ODST if your a halo fan odds are you wont pass on it. i just love kickin majini ass with a cobra strike from wesker or a tiger uppercut

3259d ago