First Nude-Mod for Dragon Age: Origins

The first Nude-Mod for Dragon Age: Origins is available for download. Now the characters explore Ferelden completely uncovered.

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Baka-akaB2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

how so ? there have been plenty since the very first month of release .

a good and realy well done and popular mod indeed , but what a waste of text space ...


disagree all you want , but it's a crappy submission .
Seriously a translated link about a mod D age players have known for quite a while , and isnt even the first nude mod ?

ColdFire2657d ago

This game has had nude mods for ages now, practically since release.

ThanatosDMC2657d ago

That's nothing! Check out the L4D2 naked zombie mod. No they dont look like nasty naked zombies but sexy chicas that you'd have no choice but to shoot anyway.

MagicAccent2657d ago

First Dragon Age nude mod? No.
Last Dragon Age nude mod? Unless the mabari sprout wings, fly out of out of our screens and pee on all nude-modders' keyboards; No.

JsonHenry2656d ago

I would rather have a high resolution texture pack or something. This game is FUGLY by todays standards.

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Carl14122657d ago

Watch this story shoot to the top of N4G.

ps3ftwin2657d ago

that would sell alot as a dlc on consoles.

Voltago2657d ago

who needs nude male characters anyway?

xg-ei8ht2657d ago

GO get yourself a porno, jesus, what is it with nude game characters.

It's a game, or are you all 12.

chak_2656d ago

my thought yeah.

I don't get the point playing with naked warrior or mage.

But now their promote games on sex and nutity, that's weird. Maybe to appeal to the 13/15 y old. (conviction, mass effect, dao...)

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The story is too old to be commented.