Confusion over 360 sales numbers

MCV: Question marks are being asked about Microsoft's claim that Xbox 360 console sold over 10m units in North America in 2009.

That number comes from a Microsoft statement released in the wake of NPD's December and 2009 report which reads: "In 2009 US Xbox 360 console sales topped 10m units, with more than 1.3m sold in December, contributing to a worldwide Xbox 360 install base of 39m."

However, eagle-eyed MCV readers have pointed out that this number seems very much at odds with NPDs own numbers.

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ThatCanadianGuy3229d ago

So Microsoft just flat out lied? *Gasp* I'm shocked!

RadientFlux3229d ago

^^ saying something negative about Microsoft... completely shocked

Back on topic it just seems that a PR person misspoke or confused the WW numbers with US numbers.

Mr_Bun3229d ago

MS like to round up (or down depending which sounds better) regarding their numbers, until they get called out...."The defective rate for the 360 is well within industry standards"....'member that line?

StanLee3229d ago

How the fcuk do you go from 4.7 to 10?! O_o That's not even creative math that's fiction!

Christopher3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

It's highly unlikely that Microsoft even sold 10m worldwide. North America has so far always sold more in North America each month than the other regions combined. I do think Microsoft was talking worldwide, but even then what they are claiming is that for the last two months of the year they sold just as many Xbox 360s worldwide as the Wii. There's no way that happened

Microsoft Xbox 3603229d ago

That's some serious inflation.

marinelife93229d ago

Are we even sure they sold 10 million worldwide? They've sold squat in Japan and less in Europe lifetime to date than in the US.

Anon19743229d ago

The only ones who really know exactly how many 360's have gone out are Microsoft. That being said, could NPD group be wrong by almost half? Not bloody likely. So something's up, we just don't know what it is.

10 million worldwide for the year would probably be more likely.

hay3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

2009 NPD numbers:
Jan 309000
Feb 391000
Mar 330000
Apr 175000
May 175000
Jun 240600
Jul 202900
Aug 215400
Sep 352600
Oct 249700
Nov 819500
Dec 1310000

Total: 4770700

It's more like a mistake IMO. Every company bends the truth, more or less, but this lie would be just dumb.

AliTheBrit193229d ago

Yeah they lied! :O

Just like Sony! and Nintendo! and every other Company ever created! :O

rezenu3229d ago


*puts on flamesuit quickly*

mint royale3229d ago

Th 10 million is worldwide 360 sales cos there is no way they sold that many in America. Vgchartz has their estimate at 10.2 million for worldwide sales which is about right.

This is a curious thing to say by MS, its either a mistake or a deliberate attempt to twist the truth. It reminds me of when sony stated the ps2 was outselling the wii in 2007. A proposterous claim and it later turned out they meant overall sales. Well duh! Every company does it.

Udidntlistenpunk3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Many gamers have stated this long time ago, even way back in 2006.

What lies like these have in common with other aggressive revenue practises is that they always come to light in the future. Because if you take sales away from the future, when that future comes, there will be a gap.

And that gap is the red flag.

That is why many people have stated that 360s true install base is not 39 million but closer to 35 million in reality.

Anon19743229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Microsoft is a publicly traded company and when it comes down to things like sales numbers they can't lie. They're subject to audit and have a responsibility to accurately report sales numbers to their shareholders.

An exec slipping up is one thing, it's bound to happen. At the end of the day their numbers will have to stand up to auditing. I'm sure this is just a slip-up and they meant worldwide numbers for calendar 2009. Looks like 360 sales may have fallen a bit year over year.

Edit Below: Oh, I'm not saying investors care. You're 100% correct, the Xbox is tiny compared to Microsoft's larger operations. But they're still subject to audit. Legally, they can't fudge these numbers because if the bean counters find discrepancies there are serious repercussions. These are all things that go on behind the scenes that attempt to keep publicly traded companies honest. However, we all know examples were the companies did lie and didn't get caught right away... ie: Enron. You'll also right about investors caring about the bottom line. Microsoft isn't running a charity for gamers. At some point they need to start making some of those losses back. I've heard analysts in the past suggest Microsoft needs to dump the entire Xbox division and just focus on software - where they've been historically stronger.

Udidntlistenpunk3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

What you dont understand is that investors dont give a crap about MSs gaming business because the entire business is immaterial compared to MSs Windows division.

THATS where MS makes over 98% of its earnings and thats their main business. MSs gaming division can barely get a profit for a full year.

Think about that for a moment. Who the fk cares how many XBOXses gets shipped or sold. Its immaterial to MSs financials.

The only ones it will hurt, are gamers. It doesnt hurt anyone else. Thats why MS is getting away with it.

The only thing that investors DO care about MSs gaming business, is their 9 billion loss in the gaming business. If they whine about that long enough, Balmer will drop the XBOX division like a brick. And than, that will be the end of the XBOX console.

KingME3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

NeverMind, who know...

mint royale3229d ago

Gotta love some random sticking his head in the sand and saying they have actually only sold 35 million with no proof whatsoever and actually thinking he is right. MS have stated they had sold 39 million to retailers. To consumers more like 37-37.5 million - like what vgchartz has it at.

SixZeroFour3229d ago

i think they were talking about total (since release) sales in us going past 10mil...since the total 360s shipped is about 40 mil, that would make sense that 1/4 of the total sales were coming from US

Cueil3229d ago

if you want to understand how microsoft reports numbers goto vgcharz

ReservoirDog3163228d ago

Well, I thought npd doesn't count walmart. With mw2 being advertised so heavily at walmart, I'd imagine a lot of those missing sales were from walmart.

Just cause we don't see it on npd doesn't mean MS didn't get the money for it. So yeah.

If I'm wrong about any of that, sorry.

Saaking3228d ago

Like I said a while back, MS likes making stuff up. That's why they're probably the worst company around and certainly the worst of the Big three.

MS is stuck between Sony and Nintendo. At the start of this gen, MS was trying hard to be like the PS brand (which of course is laughable and failed). Now, MS is gravitating more towards Nintendo. They need to form an identity by themselves, not steal one from the others.

Traveler3228d ago

I think it is fairly obvious that it was just a slip up. The rep probably had the worldwide number stuck in their head and they just misspoke. It happens to all of us. Let's not make more out of this than it is.

Dutch Boogie3228d ago

lol quick fanboys, put on the corporate cape with the big "M" on the front. Time to aid M$ for the millionth time.

SaberEdge3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Yeah, Dutch Boogie, just like you and the rest of the hoards of PS3 fanboys that flood into every article to attack Microsoft.

Look at Saaking up there. All he ever does is lie and make crap up about Microsoft and the 360.

Hey Saaking, the 360 does have its own identity. The Xbox brand has always been about the online experience. It is a very well rounded platform, with a huge game library and many nice media features, but the online has always been its strength. Half the online stuff we just take for granted today on consoles was actually introduced by Microsoft and later copied by Sony.

What specifically was Sony's identity that Microsoft "stole"? ...other than just being a game console with lots of good games?

The truth is, Microsoft have forged their own identity for the Xbox platform within the gaming industry, and you just don't want to give credit where credit is due.

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Omega43229d ago

I dont think its legal for MS to lie about their numbers so they have obviously sold 39ml WW.

That 10ml they were talking about must obviously mean WW not just the US.

3229d ago
mrv3213229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

'I dont think its legal for MS to lie about their numbers so they have obviously sold 39ml WW.'

Because Microsoft have never ever broken the law and not in a current legla battle in terms of patent breach.

That 10ml they were talking about must obviously mean WW not just the US.'

So your telling me that Microsoft sold 9 million in 7 months?

'On May 28, 2009, Microsoft announced that sales have surpassed the 30-million unit-mark'


'The NPD for the month of December 2009 showed the console sold 1.3 million units in around the Holiday season, with the company confirming the console has sold over 10 million units throughout the year in the US.'

While I agree it could be a Mistake, I am not 100% that it's a mistake, unlike you.

I also believe Microsoft have not been completely legal issue free.. Domiance lawsuit anyone?

EDIT: I'm sorry in future I'll remove logic from my comments and have complete faith in a company who cares more for money than customer satisfaction. I didn't take your reply as a serious dig, BTW. Just incase you would thin I'm angry at you.

mint royale3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )


Do you actually have a link from MS saying they passed 30 million in May? There point hating on the basis of misinformation.

Lazarus693229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )


Actually i think they said they shipped 30.2millions by the end of March 2009

mrv3213229d ago

There you go, mind you I'm not 100% sure on the information.

mint royale3229d ago

Thats a weird article seeing as the above posted is correct and they had stated they had sold 30.2 million consoles by the end of March in their financial reports.

Cueil3229d ago

I don't know whether to inform you people of the truth or just cry... it's impossible to instruct all the ignorant

SaberEdge3228d ago

Madden10, you are another one of those people that is willing to lie to try and attack the 360. The failure rate WAS NEVER 60% even at its worst. That is a blatant lie.

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iron_sheik3229d ago

x360 sold 2.2m in US and lets say another 200k in canada
MS sold 2.5 in NA . MS sold around 100k in Japan .There is no way MS would sell another 3m in Europe since europeans dont buy x360(except British)

so definitely that 5.5m is a fake number. more like 4m -4.5m
ofcourse around 8m is likely for PS3 since SONY sold 1m more PS3 in japan and around 2m more in europe)ps3's strongest region

also if you include q4 then ps3 outsold x360 by 20k

**we will wait for SONY's numbers when they announce their fiscal results . i expect around 8m shipment (out of that 7.5m could be the SOLD numbers). I expect SONY to ship 4m ps3s in europe for q4

champ213229d ago

its sooooo exciting waiting for sold numbers on consoles amirite?

ps3 outselling the 360 will ensure i sleep well at night :P

4point7BillionLoss3229d ago

lame article and the same droids jumping on it like the idiots who believed the fake article in may last year saying S3 sold over 30 million units ...

droids ... get your teeth whitened !!!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3229d ago

...just LIE and LIE. It's sad really...oh least the ChatBots&ModBots got 'Project Wii Natal' coming in 2010!!! ;-D

TheTeam063229d ago

The Wii sold 9.6mil worldwide in 09.

You mean to tell me that you think the 360 outsold the Wii this year? Not to forget they clearly said "in the US".

Traveler3228d ago

That person either misspoke or were misquoted. It isn't the issue some of you are trying to make it out to be.

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Immortal3213229d ago

I would be mad knowing that 360's console good games are multiplat for this year. I also would be glad if a multiplat imitates a very good game as a alternative.

you just beat an Halo game now another one coming your way. you just have to appreciate that a good exclusive coming your way with such a low standard not caring if the game looks bad or not.

Terry Tate3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Why exactly would an Xbox gamer be mad? Just because a game was multiplatform doesn't mean its a crappy game or shouldn't be played. In fact, the multiplatform games tend to look better on my xbox than they do on my Playstation. For me, I like my multiplats on my Xbox mostly because I hate the playstation controller. Either way, every console has its slow year of exclusives. 2010 looks to be better for the Xbox than 2009 was in this regard.

Now, that being said, in order for me to enjoy the games on my Xbox it needs to stay working. I wonder if the sales numbers count warranty claimes? Does an Xbox repaired and shipped count as a unit "sold"? I would hope not, because that would definitely skew the numbers.

Immortal3213229d ago

like the ssx series, burnout series, and the bioshock series. If a multiplat does not contain the quality of any of those games
(very addictive gameplay) listed they're pretty much shovel ware.

mesh13229d ago

sure sure sony fans are funny

bujasem_893229d ago

what does that have to do with anything ??? lol ... is this what desperation leads to just mindless blabber?? wow not pretty , i feel kinda sorry for'em poor bots