Catching Up With 2009: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box!

Diehard GameFAN's Aaron Sirois writes: Anyway, 2010 is upon us and I've got a stack of games from 2009 that I haven't played yet. Sure, there were a few I got for Christmas, but there are some I've had for months (even one for nearly a year) that I've barely touched, if at all. On my shelf, there are at least seven or so games that I haven't played yet, and the games on my shelf account for less than ten percent of my game collection. I am not exaggerating.

Then something occurred to me. Back in my commentary for 2009, I stated that the handheld gaming market had a banner year and that there were plenty of quality games I didn't even get the chance to play. Lo and behold, the games I was referencing are sitting on my shelf.

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