Opinion: The Cultural Clash Of Bayonetta

Christian Nutt @ Gamasutra: Writing on my personal blog in response to Mastrapa's piece, I said, "Bayonetta is fucking rocking my socks on every level." My personal opinion of Bayonetta is that it's one of the best games I've played in longer than I can remember.

In the comments section discussion that followed the article, I professed my love for the game -- which Mastrapa interprets through the lens of his disdain. "You're not wrong for liking Bayonetta or forgiving its faults for its obvious strengths," he says. "I'd like to think that we can use opinion in this way to have interesting disagreements that help us learn more about what we like (story vs gameplay or style vs substance) and why we like it."

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Somnipotent3258d ago

i like the opinion tag. it's just that, an opinion, and i respect that. i hated bayonetta, a little over the top for me and that's my personal opinion.

divideby03258d ago

both demos I played were good.. I played about 1 hr of the full game...and its way did the game deserves scores as other games that was the FULL package..SP, MP and CoOP...
game is short and have to do replays just to extend game play does NOT = value

Pennywise3258d ago

I am on chapter 6 or 7... the action is great, but I think I hate this game. Not my style and no way deserving over an 8(tops). imo.

Rikitatsu3258d ago

You say you're just 1 hour into the game, then say the game is pretty short? What the hell man, what kind of blatant contradiction is this?

Nineball21123258d ago

Sounds like a solid rental, but a pass on a buy.

Zeal0t3258d ago

I platinumed Bayonetta and i think it's a very good game. I love the fast paced action, the deep and stylish combosystem, but i honestly don't think it deserves all the perfect scores. To me it's more like a 8 or 8.5.

divideby03257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

^ My friend finished the game and told me it was short AND the reviews clearly stated it was on the short side and replaying it extended the game time.
And yea, I only played one hour of the full game and both 360 and PS3 demos.
yea I agree with others above...8.5 to 9...thats it.
once again,,,you cant give a game like this 9.5 and compare it to a game with SP, MP, CoOP....

Darkstorn3257d ago

Bayonetta is absolutely godly. However, if you're not into Japanese games and prefer their Western brethren, then the game is not for you.

Cheeseknight283257d ago

I guess we won't be giving Heavy Rain or God of War III a 9.5 either.

Zeal0t3257d ago

I'm absolutely into japanese games, anime and manga (hence my nick & avatar) but Bayonetta for me is just an 8 or a 9 if we're stretching it.

ReservoirDog3163257d ago

I think divideby0 meant that it can only be about 10 hours long which isn't long enough in his eyes. So it's not exactly a contradiction.

Not that I agree with that mindset though. I love singleplayer only games. I replay games on a constant basis and find that they're always worth $60. So I don't agree with what he's saying but I'm clearing that little excommunication up.

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BeaArthur3258d ago

I am on the last chapter and if I had to review this game I would give it a mid to high 8. The boss fights are amazing and the combat is very enjoyable but the vehicle sequences are way too long and the story, although comprehendible(unlike Devil May Cry) is way out there and doesn't make a ton of sense.

colonel1793258d ago

For me Bayonetta is way better than Devil May Cry. The action is awesome as well as the moves and combos. Overall, is an excellent game. It could even be compared somehow to Ninja Gaiden, and Bayonetta is also better.

What I have problem with is the gameplay. Maybe is because I am playing the PS3 version, but the buttons don't feel responsive 100%, and the camera angles sometimes affect the fighting.

Saying that Bayonetta is better than God of War 3, is insane! When I play GOW 3 demo after playing Bayonetta feels way better and satisfactory. It just screams way better game than what Bayonetta is overall. GOW 3 demos leaves me with my jaw dropped and broken every time I play it, where as Bayonetta, as much as it has a lot of "wow" moments, it is not as jaw-dropping as GOW 3

mcnablejr3258d ago

brilliant game, makes a change from the usual.

Darkstorn3257d ago

Ninja Gaiden is still the height of action games for me, followed closely by God of War, and then BAYONETTA!

Robearboy3258d ago

Anyone playing this on the ps3 will always have that little niggle in the back of their heads that knows its an inferior port, which will corrupt their opinion on it

Somnipotent3258d ago

playing the xbox version and still have the same opinion.

Nineball21123258d ago

Haha... I plan on renting it. I've played many multi-plat games and I can tell with 100% certainty that I've NEVER thought to myself... wow, I wonder if I'd like this more if I only had just a tad bit less blurring, screen tearing, or had just a bit more pixels.

mcnablejr3258d ago

renting isnt such a bad idea, the game isnt too long and its certainly worth the playthrough

kewlkat0073258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Hey, I feel the same way...On my third run soon.

Better then DMC, Yeah I've been saying it.

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