Guns, Girls and Exploding Goons! New Quantum Theory Gameplay Video

Gears of what? Quantum Theory since its appearance at E3 has been called a Gears of War clone. Taking a look at this new gameplay footage, you can see the resemblance but Quantum Theory has some features that Gears of Wars doesn't have.

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Raoh3252d ago

looks better than i expected.. sony should have locked this in..

chidori6663252d ago

i lost all hype this game after the multplataform anoucement..

Myst3252d ago

Hmm, probably going to rent this first and see how it is. I mean the combat looks interesting, but it's something that I'd like to try out first.

DigitalAnalog3252d ago

They've polished the graphics. But hey, I'm still looking forward for the reviews before I purchase this game.

-End statement

Dipso3252d ago

Graphics have improved alright but the enemy A.I still looks quite poor.

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