FFXIII is 32.6GB of movies and just 6.8GB of actual game content

An analysis to FF XIII blu-ray disk shows that the actual game content is just 6.8GB.

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Honolulu3260d ago

That's because a 360 game disc can't hold more than 6.8gb-something of data, the rest of the space is used up for physical protection against piracy.... which doesn't really work that well though.

hay3260d ago

Actually it's almost 8GB digital data. But yeah, as usual it's fit to the fullest. But be aware of the fact that except the game data there also must be cutscenes present on the disc.

LiquifiedArt3260d ago

but i think i'm rejecting it in complete protest against the franchise and the horrible direction its been heading since FFX.

bnaked3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )


Yes, thats the truth, don't know why you got disagrees..

Lifendz3260d ago

I guess blu-ray isn't needed. All you PS3 naysayers were right despite anything Guerilla, Naughty Dog, or Insomniac said! /s

Shang-Long3260d ago

blaMe the company that sold out. Not the one that brought em out

Persistantthug3260d ago

But what I'm not sure about is why or how this would come into play with Final Fantasy 13, seeing that it's using multiple disks anyway.

Maybe this was a coincidence....maybe not...kinda strange though.

Cold 20003260d ago

Maybe SE should cut off some CGI next time and actually expand the game.

I am a FF fan and I wouldnt cry if SE produce a new FF with half the CGI but twice as big.

But I have to admit those CGI's are gorgeous and they're a part of FF games but geez..."32.6GB of movies and just 6.8GB of actual game content"

vhero3260d ago

If ff13 (360 version) is like all other multi disc ff games and the full game is on every disc and all that's different on each disc is the movies then the 360 version will be dulled down massively as they can't just use 1.2gb for movies per disc surely? Of course thats speculation but S-E have made every one of their previous RPGs the same including chrono cross so I can't see them changing it for ff13.

snake_eater3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

360 game disc = 6.8 GB max for games
FFXIII = 40GB game data

40*1/6.8 = 6 dvds

anyways kudos to square enix for ruining FFXIII...

sikbeta3260d ago

Just 6.8GB?

[email protected]!

Well, is Multiplat game, more Disc = more Royalties

Better FFvs13 use Much More GBz than that

ravinash3260d ago

Think how good the game would have been if they used more of the disk for the game. And your trying to say that all that space isn't needed.

plus are you also trying to tell me that the 360 version they have removed all the cutscenes.
Something is not adding up.

SoX FireBlade3260d ago

those CGI movies have big filesizes I guess

and it's JRPG not surprising

HDgamer3260d ago

Versus XIII will only make it better.

NOOBKILLA3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Well it's like this in my opinion. Since the FFXIII is identical then the actual gameplay will be the same on both consoles. As for the FMV the 360 will be displayed at 720p while the PS3 will be displayed at 1080p. Just like any 1080p video rather it is from a game or a blu-ray movie will depend on your TV to get the quality from it.

It has been proven that unless you have at least a 52" 1080p TV you can't tell the deference between 720p and 1080p video and I totally agree with that.

The PS3 appears to be made for gamers that are also tech geeks. To truly get the potential out of your PS3 you need a 52" or higher 1080p TV with at least a 120 refresh rate and 50,000:1 contrast ratio AT LEAST, a receiver with DTS HD and Dolby HD capabilities. Thus the reason why they're so many fanboys! 95% of them can only afford one system and can't afford the TV and sound system that can really display 1080p the way it needs to be. If the game was a PS3 exclusive then the gameplay would be closer to the quality of Uncharted 2 and GOW 3, however I’m an adult so I know how business works.

It makes me wonder what type of set-up is used when games are being compared on the 360 and PS3.

PS. To all you fanboys, get a damn job so you can afford both a PS3 and 360 and step your TV game up like me and it wouldn’t matter. LOL

Whitefox7893260d ago

remember in the 360 version the audio and probably the movies are compressed to save space.

ilikecookies3260d ago

Honolulu got disagrees because while he is right about the dvd part, he has the wrong idea(even though I still blame the 360 for the game being gimped) There is 32gigabytes of data thats cutscenes and 6.8 gigabytes of actual game content. He is implying it is 6.8 gigabytes because dvd 9 cannot hold more than 8 gigs which is true but the whole game itself is 39.4 gigabytes and has nothing to do with xbox. He was simply being a fanboy =)

I think we should be more worried about more cutscenes than gameplay rather than being gimped for the 360 version.

Monsignor3260d ago

After seeing that you think you can't tell the difference between 720P and 1080P on a screen smaller than 52", I quit reading. Because you clearly know nothing about HD or Tv's. Whether you can tell the difference between the two relies mostly on your viewing distance. Sure, if you were 40 feet away, it would be tough, but if you sat 8 feet away from a 52" TV, you would CLEARLY tell the difference between 720P and 1080P. Go educate yourself before calling people fanboys.

wpggamer3260d ago

They already said the 360 version will have compressed textures (part of the game data) and movies and audio. The 360 version is 21 gb approx. So the game data is probably somewhat smaller for the 360 version as has been stated numerous times before. So this saying that it's because of the 360 is a crock, you guys just don't know what you're talking about.

PinkUni3260d ago

i didnt actually believe that this game was going to be limited by the dvds but i guess this proves it...

Sarcasm3260d ago

"It has been proven that unless you have at least a 52" 1080p TV you can't tell the deference between 720p and 1080p video and I totally agree with that."

There's a thing called optimum viewing distance. For example, I can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on my 46" Samsung if I sit 6-7 feet away. Obviously I wouldn't be able to tell the difference if I sat 10-12 feet away. That's when a bigger screen would be required.

El_Colombiano3260d ago

"It has been proven that unless you have at least a 52" 1080p TV you can't tell the deference between 720p and 1080p video and I totally agree with that."

That is the most ignorant thing people say when they try justifying 720p as the same quality as 1080p I have my 42" LCD in my room and sit about six feet away from it and the difference between 1080p and 720p is night and day. So please, don't bring that BS in here.

darthv723260d ago

has there been an analysis on the size of metal gear solid 4? Really like to know what percentage is gameplay and just watching movies.

Arnon3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Lol just wondering, but how is it that this game is limited by DVD-9, if the game is going to be shipped on 3-4 DVDs? Doesn't that basically contradict everything people say about it? Considering that a dual-layered blu-ray disc has 50 GB of storage, and the game itself is 39.4 GB, I'd say they're not leaving out much.

Then you start to hear that SE cut stuff out of FFXIII. If that's the case, then the game would easily exceed a single blu-ray disc, contradicting everything everyone says about how "multiple discs are bad and archaic".

It's pretty one-sided if you ask me.

RadientFlux3260d ago

Not surprising, I think if you look at most Final Fantasy games (7 and after). The majority of the space on the disc is taken up cinematics.

ThanatosDMC3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

6.8gb?! Wow, that's a lot of content cut out from the original idea. AKNAA's link... ummm... wherever it is. Chocobo zoo, the characters' houses, the park, etc.

I wonder if SE also gimped PS3's textures to make them look alike?

cyberwaffles3260d ago

"however I’m an adult so I know how business works."

you're an adult and you have a profile pic of goku and you're name is noobkilla? i thought you were like 15.

NOOBKILLA3260d ago

Wow! You talk about fanboys with their garbage TVs and their one console (most likely M$ 360) they get all upset. Boo Hoo. Get some tissue or something!

I started off saying it was “my opinion”. I only can go off of my personal experiences and articles I have read. I have a 1080p 55" Samsung LED in my living room and a 32" 1080p Samsung LED in my bedroom. I've play both my 360 and PS3 on both of the TVs. My 55" sh*ts on my 32" by far!!

I'm sorry I thought N4G forums were where gamers sat and shared opinions about all aspects of gaming. The only thing I did was bash fanboys, if I made you flustered then you must be a fanboy and I apologize! LOL

saint_john_paul_ii3260d ago

you got owned by the noobs. just shut up.

you have no idea what you are talking about. i have 2 hd TVs at home, a 720p Bravia and a 1080p bravia. guess what? put them side by side and immediately saw the difference while watching it at 6ft away from me. the 1080p picture was more crisp and more colorful than that of a 720p tv.

NOOBKILLA3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Most of you all listen to sites such as IGN like it is the bible. I'm sure most of you have heard of CNET. Here is an article from last year about 720p vs 1080p:

If you have time please read number 9 (especially the 3rd paragraph) and state your opinion. I'm not that far off with my "OPINION"!!!

thewhoopimen3259d ago

I'm guessing most of you guys somehow missed this article yesterday or the day before:

Final Fantasy XIII Had Lots of Deleted Content
Art director says enough content removed to make another game.

That 6.8 of game content was closer to 14gb before they started gimping.

Saaking3259d ago

The 360 version is gonna be really inferior when it comes to the CGI cutscenes. Anyways, the game was obviously gimped.

Traveler3259d ago

Well, this is pretty much what I expected. If it were not for the movies and stuff it would fit on a DVD. Not surprising when you look at how huge RPGs like Fallout 3 and ES4 are and they still fit on a DVD.

Anyway, the cut scenes are what made them have to put the 360 version on multiple discs. After all, if it got much bigger even the PS3 version would have to be put on multiple discs. I wouldn't care though, because multiple discs has never bothered me.

Millah3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Just quit while you're ahead. You're looking like an idiot right now. Especially for being an "adult."

For you to say any TV less than 52" doesn't benefit from added pixels is quite an idiotic statement. I don't care what size it is, more pixels is more pixels. Viewing distance has everything to do with whether or not you notice those additional pixels. Larger screen sizes benefit more from added pixels due to pixel density, but thats not to say the benefit is exclusive to them. Its just more exaggerated on a larger screen like I said due to pixel density.

Honolulu3259d ago

I'm not a fanboy and I'm sorry if I offended anyone. :)

Bodyboarder_VGamer3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Like 1 year ago I used to sell TV's in Best Buys and I read a lot about HDTV's so I can help the customers better and one thing is for sure. Even if you put 2 HDTV of any size side by side, one 720p and the other 1080p with blu-ray hooked-up I can assure you that you'll not notice a damn difference.

Another thing is that all this 120HZ TV thing is just another marketing BS to get people to buy newer TV's. We will never see native 120fps content nor games until maybe the PS4 or something so that feature will be wasted. The same with the 24p BS. In fact, the 24p thing make the movies look even worse... What you really need to watch closely before buying a new TV is the "refresh-rate MS" and how well the "dejudder" works. Most 120HZ displays have dejudder but that doesn't means that it works as good.

And let me tell you that Plasmas are still the best. LED's are just a re-branding of LCD, they both suffer from the same problems of not entirely deep blacks and lag. I really feel bad for all those people wasting thousand of dollars in a LED when Plasmas are still better and so much cheaper. But that's the power of Marketing combined with the stupidity of the consumers.

SaberEdge3259d ago

Absolutely. Plasma is the way to go. All LCDs, whether they use LED or CCFT, they all have problems inherent to LCD technology. They can try to cover it up with a bunch of gimmicky features, but it doesn't hide the fact that you can get deep blacks, fast response times, great contrast, better color reproduction and little to no motion blur with a Plasma for less money. The only issue I have with plasma is that you can still get some image retention and even burn in, but it is a much smaller problem than some make it out to be.

Personally, I can't wait for OLED or SED or one of the other newer technologies on the horizon.

Moving back on topic, this goes to show you that except for the occasional JRPG that uses a lot of CGI cutscenes most games this generation fit just fine on a DVD. Games like Lost Odyssey came on more than one disc, but it didn't bother me at all. The fact is, most games this generation don't need more than one DVD and to have an occasional game that does isn't even an issue.

thewhoopimen3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Hey did you hear that Pioneer is planning to stop production of Plasmas this year? Wonder why huh. Plasma's use about 2-3x the amount of power that LCDs use, and they still have burn-in issues (whatever you say bub, put about 100 hours into MW2 like most ppl do on here is gonna damage a Plasma). They're heavier than LCDs, and are not sunlight friendly (which basically means they aren't good for most people's homes. Not everyone watches TV at night only... sorry.)

LED LCD Tvs as long as they are not edge lit (and if they are... they're like 1/5 the thickness of a plasma. Its the tradeoff), but with a full backlight array, not only use less power than current CCFL LCDs, but have near, =, or better the black levels as Plasmas and probably 2x-3x times the brightness levels too. LCD's have such a wide cost range that ANYONE could literally buy an LCD (not that I'd tell u to go get a cheap one). Plasmas while they are much better value these days ... can't compete on the low end.

But with OLEDs coming in even LCDs won't last forever. But come on, Plasmas are obselete like DLPs.

PS Did I mention you can swap out backlights on an LCD (sorry SOL for plasma when it gets old) AND even conjecturing that you couldn't, you would still have a better lifespan out of your LCD usage than your plasma? Bet you didn't know that.

legendkilla3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I have a Pioneer 50 inch plasma and its way better than any LCD or LED
lmao swap back lights? name one model of any LCD that you can "swap back light ". Burn in only happened on the first few generations of the its been a non factor for so long.

oohWii3259d ago

Have anybody noticed how many time the same thing is repeated over and over again by different fanboys as if the version of the same dumb comment is the only one being read?

Why do they do that? There is a huge group of lemmings on this site that simply repeat the same crap that the dude two messages above says. Kind of irritating...Does anyone have anything original to say, if not why not just read and not say anything.

Just a question.

DJ3259d ago

And I can Definitely tell the difference between 720p and 1080p content on this screen. You don't need 52 inches to "tell the difference". Stop spreading FUD.

imtiyaz63259d ago

I played killzone 2 in a 40inch series X Bravia last year... wonder why it was so damn grainy??? the game in the 40 inch 720p Samsung LCD looked so much better. Can any one help me out???

Alvadr3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

They already confirmed that PS3 version has 1080p cutscences lossless 7.1 uncompressed audio. The 360 version does not which whill cut down on at max 1/3 of those GBs size above.

Guess the 360 version is a 3 disker then.

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Omega43260d ago

So if there was no CGI FFXIII could have fit on 1 dvd with space to spare, and thats without any compression aswell 0.o

Christopher3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

And how many stand alone FF games since FF7 have not been heavily laden with CGI?

The really sad thing people should be recognizing is that there isn't uncompressed audio.

I'm also wondering if this means that 360 owners will have to copy the game data to their HDD and insert CGI source discs or something similar?

GrandDragon3260d ago

Indeed this game could have fitted on one disk, but that would have no Audio or CGI cut scenes. In fact 5.1 Audio takes up a lot of space, so 7.1 lossless audio takes up even more! This division of space/memory/data is seen in EVERY game, including Exclusive PS3 titles.

Nothing to bash about at all, in fact Square Enix could have utilised that extra 10GB for content but they decided to take it out, which was a wise move since they had to compromise for fairness and equality.

They promised the gamers that both versions on both systems would have the same Game content and Game Quality, but obviously not absolutely identical since the PS3 is inherently superior in both its HD capability and Audio output.

We have to congratulate then for having to cut so much content, and having to compromise to make both version equal. Seriously people stop with the hate, the game looks amazing and it gives a great deal of content for what its worth.

Lets all hope that SquareEnix release DLC in the near future for this game.

edgeofblade3260d ago

At this point, I should ask why they don't just animate these things in-engine and save the space... and disks?

I find it funny that people regard larger disks as "necessary" since AAA games tend to expand toward the upper limits of their storage medium anyway. And, on top of that, most high-fidelity visual effects don't come from huge texture files, but from algorithmic processing of fairly LOW-rez maps. In other words, it's no big surprise that FF13 is actually small, if you shave off the CGI bloat.

Godmars2903260d ago

They may have promised both versions would have the same content and quality, but before that they promised it was going to be exclusive and use exclusive tools. Use the most of the sole-system abilities.

They broke the latter, though earlier, promise so why doesn't that make any further promises they make suspect?

saint_john_paul_ii3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

you mean the DLC that should of been on the Blu-Ray disc in the first place? you know the content that they got rid of in order to make the 360 version equal to the PS3 version.

this game would of had lots of potential if it was only exclusive to the PS3. it would of had open world gameplay for that matter with loads of side quests. but guess what, Square-enix got too greedy and they ported the game to the 360 version.

people werent pissed because the game just went to the 360. people were pissed because of this decsion which would cut so much stuff from the game itself. the same fear that has come true.

now we have a trash game.

SaberEdge3259d ago

What more do you want, Pope? It already almost fills a bluray. What do you want, two blurays?

FFXII Versus is being made solely for the PS3, but if you think it is going to be any different you are going to be sorely disappointed.

Face it, that content was cut out because it was junk content. It didn't work, so they cut it out.

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WildArmed3260d ago

yeah simply because MGS4 had no CGI, it was all done in the ingame engine. (and yet looked equal to if not better than FFXIII)

The Lazy One3260d ago

it did not look better than FF in any way except brown-ness

saint_john_paul_ii3260d ago

MGS4's Cutscenes were all done in-game. the game have 35+GBs of content.

Finalfantasykid3259d ago

MGS4 had one cutscene that was not in game(it had in game graphics, but was a video).

If you watch the epic cutscene at the end of the chapter in chapter 3, you will notice a small amount of compression going on, and furthermore, you cannot zoom in like you can in all other cutscenes.
But other than that, all other cutscenes were 100% in games as far as I know.

DaTruth3259d ago

There was no browness in the South America level or the Shadow Moses level. And I probably wouldn't even qualify the London level as brown.

So 3/4 levels are not brown at all! Maybe the only reason there was a brown level is because there is nowhere in the Middle East that isn't brown!

The browness is just a consequence of having a Middle Eastern level!

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Xwow20083260d ago

Iam not really surprised by that, they already cut alot of contents .

hay3260d ago

Actually if you look at the file name indexes you can estimate how much of it was cut out.

mricecreamman3260d ago

there was an article sating they did cut a lot of content enough to create another game with.

WildArmed3260d ago

i hope SE isn't planning to sell us 20$ DLC packs every 2 months form march to 2012

3260d ago