Visceral Games: Controversy is 'exciting'

Visceral Games has reacted to the controversy provoked by their upcoming action game Dante's Inferno, saying that "controversy is exciting"

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TheDeadMetalhead3254d ago

"Back in June 2009, protestors claiming to be from a US church reportedly held up signs calling the game sacrilegious and labelled EA as the anti-christ. It later turned out to be a marketing hoax set up by the publisher."

I lol'd.

"Then later in September, EA sent out $200 cheques to US video game reviewers along with a note saying:

"In Dante's Inferno, Greed is a two-headed beast. Hoarding wealth feeds on beast and squandering it satiates the other. By cashing this check you succumb to avarice by harding filthy lucre, but by not cashing it, you waste it, and thereby surrender to prodigality. Make your choice and suffer the consequence for your sin. And scoff not, for consequences are imminent.""

I lol'd some more.

jakethesnake3254d ago

Honestly, their marketing just seems like over compensating to me.

Cajun Chicken3254d ago

Is this the fact that it's set in a twisted 18 rated version of Hell, the viral promotion of the circles of Hell or the fact it has EXACTLY THE SAME GAME DESIGN AS GOD OF WAR?

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