The Mass(ive) Comparison: Mass Effect 2 vs Mass Effect 1

Gamersworldbd writes: Let us take you back to October 2005 when Mass Effect was first announced. Back then, a cinematic action RPG was a hard thing to come by. So when BioWare announced Mass Effect, it instantly caught gamers attention. Fast forward to 2010 and we're eagerly waiting for ME2's January 26th release. The game plays so smoothly, and there are no technical issues that plagued the first game. ME2 [is] one of the best games in 2010, if not the best game.

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gameseveryday3258d ago

Nice comparison! Man Shepard is much more detailed.

FangBlade3257d ago

Cant wait for this game. I wanna run some benchmarks on my new HD 5870.
I wonder what the avg FPS will be.

Nihilism3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

what do you mean nice comparison, it was 2 promo shots, it wasn't even in game or from a CGI clip from the game, there's nothing to compare.

We'll know in a week how it really looks.

The first game was terribly optimised, it ran like crysis does if that's enough of an indication of how poorly it was ported.

The 2 versions were made simultaneously, that and the fact that they claim it's better optimised, so it should be great.


Oh I absolutely know the game looks better, all the videos prove it. But Rashid claimed that the comparison in the article was good....

But like I said, it was 2 promo shots that weren't even in the game.

THE MAX SPEED 213257d ago

All I know is that earlier this week there was comparaison shots and ME2 looked better.

Traveler3257d ago

Well, not much of a comparison, but I had never seen that video before. You can tell they have really improved the graphics. It looks so polished now and lighting, textures and effects all look improved. This game should be a treat.

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peeps3257d ago

arrgghh that video where they discuss the sex scene lol it pisses me off so much when i see the clueless media argue their case rather than blaming themselves as parents

mcnablejr3257d ago

ps3's a little left out on this one =/

PLAYstar3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I would go for the PC version as well. I always do with such games, usually only play exclusives actions,j-rpgs,tps on my consoles and FPS which wasn't available on the PC. Playing ME on console just don't feel right like Fallout3, and usually you will eventually miss out mobs, addons & many other features such as tweaking & fun hacks.

Nihilism3257d ago

I've also got to say: Boo ya, first game of 2010 for me, Bioshock 2 a week later, then AVP 1 week after that, then 2 weeks after that I have BFBC2 and Supreme Commander 2 in the same week, lucky my gf is understanding. :D

Traveler3257d ago

Yeah, happy times man. We have most of the same wish list.

Nihilism3257d ago

2010 is going to be insane for games, I was saving for a new GPU but I spent my money on pre-orders etc.

Waiting my tax refund now to keep me going.

As for the rest of the year ( besides the 5 games above )

Crysis 2
Starcraft 2
Fallout: New Vegas
and a hell of a lot of TBC games:

Dead Space 2
F.E.A.R 3
Far Cry 3

Funky Town_TX3257d ago

it is a technical improvement over the first game. Pop-ins, framerate dips, v-sinc issues, and many more issues killed it for me. This goes to show that with time dev can get better results out of the same hardware.

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