Gran Turismo 5 GPS Functionality, 3D Confirmed

Polyphony Digital partners with Denso to create a "GPS-track day unit" to bring real-world laps into the game.

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Wildarmsjecht3252d ago

Wow. That's actually some amazing stuff. If I was a racer, i could see myself driving on a closed circuit once, pulling the data from that drive and watching how i did on my ps3, as well as doing it over and over again virtually.

Perkel3252d ago

that is a first next game game :D

badz1493252d ago

that's too much guys! I don't know how much more definitive you guys wanna GT5 to be! but somehow I think reviews will nitpick even more on this!

LiquifiedArt3252d ago

So I can use this Functionality!! WOOT!

rroded3252d ago

if your a race fan you can upload a race and see how you stack against the pro's

n that 3d thing could b cool if we can afford a new 3d tv

vhero3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

GT5 is truly Nex-Gen its gonna be part of Nex-Gen Racing on and off your console. This is truly turning into the first REAL console seller. Also PS3 REALLY DOES EVERYTHING.

captain-obvious3252d ago

i wonder if turn10 could keep up with all those things PD is putting in GT5

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PirateThom3252d ago

As minor as this sounds for most people, Polyphony are really taking their life in their hands in terms of "realism" here.

There's been many tests of GT vs real life, but never something where people could feed data back via GPS to the game.

Blaster_Master3252d ago

"MotorTrend editor Peter Lyon was also able to confirm that a “3D version” of GT5 will be available “as soon as 3D TVs become available on the market."

Through firmware or separate version? Hmmm?

phosphor1123252d ago

Firmware. I'm sure it'll force it to 720p mode though. But rendering 120 frames of 1080p screens would be a feat to achieve, not to mention a limitation of the HDMI =P.

So it WILL be firmware.. just 720p.

Blaster_Master3252d ago

But I thought that any 120 hrz plus tv can do 3-D? So aren't tv's capable now? So are you telling me that projectors cant do 3-D either?

Rock Bottom3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Theoretically any 120 fps TV can do 60 fps 3D, but the main problem is The synchronization between the TV and the 3D glasses. The glasses needs to know if the frame the TV is showing is made for the left or right eye, and the change between frames should happen at the exact same moment as when the glasses block the vision of one eye and allow you to see with the other, and since we're talking about 120 fps, that is not an easy thing to achieve, especially if the TV wasn't design in a way allowing it to communicate with 3D glasses.

travelguy2k3252d ago

use this tech. to upload track information. I mean, if you could use the GPS data to map out new tracks. We could go for a drive and then upload our route, instant track.

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Marceles3252d ago

Whoa now that's hardcore

Maddens Raiders3252d ago

damn! SNE takes it to the next level again with the flagship no less!

madmonkey03252d ago

i might get me one of them for next time at at a track day at silverstone!

toaster3252d ago

This game just gets better and better.

XXXCouture3252d ago

it also gets delayed and delayed. but i dont mind as long its gonna be a 10/10 game

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The story is too old to be commented.